Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Wild One!

Over the next few weeks I'm gonna roll out some pin-ups on the same theme. Just for fun I'm not going to tell you the theme :) Won't it be fun and interactive to play a guessing game. Odds are pretty good the "game" will begin and end with this post because, frankly, you guys are some smart cookies and this particular drawing is full of clues.
p.s. Oh yeah...Happy New Year!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Hail Frigia!

Today is December 15th...and we're having unseasonably warm weather here in Toronto. I hardly feel right posting this drawing of Jett Vector in cold weather gear. I could go out in a fall jacket and, if it weren't slightly damp out, I could mow my lawn.

Fans of Flash Gordon may recognize the name Frigia in my post title. It was the all cold, all snow, all the time planet visited by Flash and Dale. I drew up a blank (naked) template of Jett and printed out multiples of the same body on sheets of paper so that I could draw different costumes on him. This was the first and I had a visit to Frigia in mind when I drew it. Costume design is not something I think I'm all that good at. It certainly helps if I have a story in mind or a costume to work a variation on. In the case of Jett I want to keep his basic shape (big upper body, narrow waist) clear and show as much skin as possible. Or in the case of winter wear...make the clothing skin tight.

Here's hoping it snows for Christmas, at least.


Monday, December 04, 2006


The awesome Edward sent me the drawing I did for him of the Mighty Thor. It just so happens that this was the very sketch I re-created as mentioned in my previous entry. There are bits I like in each drawing. I think my main problem with all the sketches I do at conventions is that my inking isn't all that hot!

Thanks for sending me the sketch, Edward.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Before I posted the Aquaman drawing I'd promised some more Roger Rodgers! And so I finally keep my promise! The above are pretty much the rest of the Ta'Li Ho and Roger Rodgers pages that I have finished. There is more to the story than what you see here but I don't want to show TOO much or I'll have nothing left to publish.

On the weekend I had the good fortune to sketch at a one day comic book show here in Toronto. I met a few guys who know me from my board and who requested beefcake versions of Superheroes. I don't take pictures of the stuff I draw at the cons or I would post them here...but I'm doing to try to recreate a few of the better drawings just for fun! I'm mentioning all of this in order to tempt the guys I met to comment and perhaps send me a link to the images if they have it in their power to scan and upload to the net. :)
Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's Aquaman!

Happy Day After Halloween! This was meant to be my Halloween day post but Blogger wasn't uploading my pictures yesterday. So I updated to Blogger Beta and suddenly everything is easier (I apologize for any extra signing in of things you may have to do...especially when it comes to posting comments...I LOVE comments!)

So what does Aquaman have to do with Halloween. Well, he's wearing the colours of a pumpkin! Isn't that enough?

I think pretty much everyone who checks out my blog reads comics or has seen the Superfriends cartoon so I don't have to explain the joke. Even though he's stuck on monitor duty I wanted to give Aquaman the respect he deserves with a proper pin-up! I love Aquaman! His costume is great, he's got a great swimmers build, he commands the creatures of the seas and his early stories were drawn by the brilliant Ramona Fradon!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. It's pretty much my favourite holiday.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Life Drawing part 3

Last night I went to a male strip club for a friend's bachelor party which has inspired me to post some more life drawings. These aren't all from the same session...but they represent the best from the group of drawings on each day.
As I'd said before, the better looking the model the harder they are to draw. This first is the closest I came to getting the likeness of the hotty model we had.
Now, I readily admit that I draw pretty much one body type on my guys. I do love superheroes! But I also appreciate all body types. And I really loved drawing this bear.

Sometimes I draw the other artists in the studio...especially if they're cute. Check out the two heads in the above drawing of Mr.Bear. The guy was a tall, gaunt gentleman who reminded me of Boris Karloff!

This guy looked like the actor Fabrizio Filippo (Queer as Folk, Billable Hours). Total cutey with a nice little bum. And speaking of nice bums, at the strip club I was asked if I was taking notes on all the strippers. Sure I was doing some mental photography but most strippers aren't as appealing to me as an ordinary guy half dressed in a pair of jeans.

Other life drawing posts can be found here and here.

Coming up: More Roger Rodgers!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Roger Rodgers: Pages!

Not much in the way of jibber-jabber from me today! Got lots of work to do! At the very least I can tell you that this is an as yet unfinished Ta'Li Ho/Roger Rodgers story, featuring only the pages which contain the most amount of beefcake! :)



Thursday, September 28, 2006

Squeaky Clean!

The future of shower technology! We're still using water but now a shiny metal arm with water proof joints gaurantees that your backside is just as clean as your frontside!

The well placed circles (though some might argue that they are poorly placed ;) are a swipe....homage that I got from the movie Danger Diabolik. There is a shower scene which begins with the lovely Eva carefully protected from indecency by two strategically placed decorative circles. The camera pans over to Diabolik, also showering, with only one privacy circle prudently placed. Such a tease!

Diabolik is played by John Philip Law...who played the near naked angel Pygar in Barbarella! He's in top physical form in both films.

Incidentally, that's Roger Rodgers in the shower with unamed aliens admiring the view.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Summer's end!

I've seen a lot of crud about the end of summer lately. Frankly I'm a little tired of it. I really don't care much for winter and fall isn't so hot either (although it does give us Halloween and lovely coloured leaves on our trees). But I really am a warm weather guy. So I'm going to post a picture of a beach scene just to spite the colder weather! After posting Luke Cage last time I played around a little more with integrating a drawn character into a background. This particular scene I nabbed from...someone's blog I'm sure. Probably from Ipanema Beach guy. I don't think I really got the lighting right on my drawn in character but I like the end result. It's kind of like an adult Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
I hope you guys will indulge my adding a close up of the smoking guy. I just liked how his face and hands came out.

Keeping summer alive as long as I can, I remain faithfully yours.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Luke Cage! POWER MAN!!

Last week I saw the Essential Power Man at the comic shop. Flipping through it I learned that Frank Robbins drew a few issues of Luke Cage in the mid 70's. I'm a big fan of Robbins inks especially his Johnny Hazard strips. Instead of buying the Essential which is full of other artists' work (some not so hot) I dug through the back issue bins and found the one issue that had the coolest splash page (see below, after my drawing).
I'd never really looked at Luke Cage comics before because I never liked the art. Now seeing him drawn by Frank Robbins I am in love. How could I have missed this costume? I was actually planning on doing a drawing of Iron Fist, who teamed up with Power Man for a well known run. That drawing will have to wait but in the meantime here is my two-fisted take on Luke Cage, Power Man!
This is the splash page that caught my eye. I love how much information Frank was able to compress into the drawing. And, of course, I love the open shirt! This and the image below are from issue #34 of LUKE CAGE, POWER MAN by Marvel comics.
Check out Luke's butt in this panel. Isn't that a lovely butt!? Oh, the things Frank Robbins could do with a simple brush and ink.

I encourage you to check out more of Frank's artwork. I don't have a checklist but I know he did some great stuff on the Shadow, Batman and Johnny Hazard!


Monday, September 04, 2006

A show of Flesh!

If there's one thing I love more than a bit of beefcake it's Beefcake in Space! Here's another concept I worked on for a while before procrastination and paying work had me put it aside. I'm pretty sure I had just seen the low budget Flesh Gordon on tv which led to me coming up with a totally gay approach to the character. The movie Flesh Gordon is pretty crummy (Emporor Wang's face make-up is abso-fugly hideous) but there is some neat stop motion (penis shaped aliens) and the quickest shot of gay sex (look for it in the sequence with the tree-men). Worth it if you can catch it on late night tv as long as they don't cut out too much of the naughty business.

The more I worked on it the more I wanted to change the name...Flesh Hardon is just soooo obvious! Too obvious to actually be funny. I think I also abandoned the idea because I'd created Roger Rodgers and he turned out to be a better, and more original character than Flesh G. would have been.

Enjoy, guys. I should have some new work up soon. In the meantime I highly recommend checking out Britdoodz . They've put up some sequential art and it's really beautiful, sexy stuff. You may have to e-mail them to access the gallery, I don't know if that's still how you get in but it's totally worth doing. Also check out DrawFellas for some lovely, and lovingly, pencil rendered men.



Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blowing leaves!

True story! I did my best to remember this guy and draw him as accurately as I could. While out walking my dog one day I passed this guy doing yard work. I did all I could to slow down as I passed in order to properly etch his image in my brain! I'm pretty sure I made up most of his face because, honestly, I wasn't really looking there. Another innacuracy is the leaf blower...he wasn't using one but it's so much more phallic than a rake! :)

He got something out of his yellow pick-up and, in my deductive genius, I realized that he didn't live at the house to whose yard he was attending. "Crap," I thought. "I'll never see this guy again." Well, it just so happened that the very next morning I was looking out my front window and he drove past in his very big, yellow truck! Perhaps I may see Yard Man again...tending to someone's unkempt lawn!

On another note, this drawing is almost part two of a previous post celebrating the outdoor workman! Part one was this roofing guy and I can assure you there will be more. Just yesterday I rode past a guy checking the wiring in one of thos outdoor electrical box thingies...I saw London and France and more than just his underpants!


Friday, August 11, 2006

Roger Rodgers!

Before there was Jett Vector there was -- ROGER RODGERS!

Back in, oh, 1999, I created a comic book called Solar Stella (for which I was nominated for an Eisner, I'll have you know :) It was all pin-up girl art and cheesy fun. The middle of the book was all activities pages and a paper doll of Stella.

A year or two later I started the second Solar Stella book where I introduced another pin-up space girl, Ta'Li Ho, and her beefy sidekick, Roger Rodgers. I never finished book two. But in the course of working on it I really fell in love with Roger and Ta'Li. Especially Roger. He was my loveable lunk headed character whom I could throw into situations where he might accidently become a book that was mainly pin-up girly art!
Even more years later I actually drew a thirteen page adventure with Ta'Li and Roger...which has yet to see print. Along the way I've drawn a bunch of pin-ups with the characters and today I'm sharing just a few of them. I know there are more but searching all of my back up discs takes time.
This last one maybe needs a little explanation. I'd just found the pastel brush tool in Photoshop and had to try it out all artsy-fartsy like. I may have referenced a photo for the drawing and from the look of the pose it was a picture of a woman! But there's still something nice and innocent about Roger that I really like in this.

Daily work has been keeping me from producing newer stuff but I've still got disc-loads of older drawings to share. And, as usual, check the links to the right for great art and pictures.


Friday, July 28, 2006

Life Drawing! part 2

Today is life drawing day! My day to day work has kept me from producing any pin-up material so I'll share some more of my life drawings...which, once again, contain nudity. I remember really liking this guy's face for all of its nooks and crannies. I don't think I was particularly flattering with my caricature of him in the last image but I always feel there is no harm done if the model never sees the drawing.

For the curious among you I'll tell you that I draw with PITT brand markers by Faber Castell. I like doing life drawing with the sepia and slightly lighter flesh coloured pens. No under drawing or anything in pencil (you can see in the second image how much "searching" I did before finding the right lines). All are drawn in an 8.5 x 11" coil bound sketch book. It's just so much easier to manage than big ol' life drawing pads!

I feel bad not showing you something more substantial today so I'll close by suggesting that you check out MeatCute for the interview with Luc LaTulipe! I think Luc's art is just plain terrific (especially the image of the two guys making'll have to follow the link to see the one I mean;) There's tons of other great stuff at MeatCute as well.

I bid thee all adieu, and hope you're all having as great a summer as I am!


Monday, July 17, 2006

Phat! Vivisector! X-Statix!

Boy, I realize now just how safe I played this one! :) Voltaire anticipated something "naughty under the covers" and then drew up this cool, and sexy take on our favourite super-duo! I hope, Voltaire, that you don't mind me linking to your drawing but I think it's swell! (And, oddly enough, I was going to do a shower scene with the guys but opted insted for the classic "standing around" pose). I'll have to do another drawing to redeem myself.

I couldn't resist having Phat fat-up at least a little of his body, especially with Myles in wolf mode. It's too bad the X-Statix had to end...on the other hand it was nice that they went out on a high note. I always hate when my favourite characters get taken over by another writer and/or artist and I don't like the new approach. Cheers to Mike Allred and Peter Milligan for creating Phat and Vivisector!

Francois, I hope it was worth the wait! Trust me, there'll be more drawings of these two! And if I ever find it I'll post the photo of me dressed as Myles posing with a girl I met at a convention who was dressed as Dead Girl.

Also, I was reading Patrick Fillion's Boytoons blog yesterday and saw that he'd listed me among his top Five Blogs of Note! Thanks Patrick! Check out Boytoons! It's a great way to find new man-art on the net! For those of you used to my tameness be warned that there is nudity! ;)



Saturday, July 08, 2006


I'm going away for a week's vacation! Before I go I thought I'd give you a little sneak peak at Phat and the Vivisector! You'll just have to wait 'till I get back to see the whole thing!
Are you in suspense?

See you in a week!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Monster Beach IV

It's SUMMER!! I've already been to Toronto's beach a few times (I think I got a little sunstroked)!

I really wanted to do a joke with the Invisible Man because 1. he's one of my favourite Universal film characters and b. I could full frontal nudity and not be embarrassed!!! There you go! The other Monster Beaches can be found here, here and here. I hope you guys are having a great summer!

Oh yeah, I actually really wanted to put up a drawing of Superman because he's the big hero of the week! I saw the movie and really quite liked it. If they do a sequel (and there's talk) I'd love to see them do Bizarro! Even if it's a subplot I think a Superfight with Bizarro would be awesome! And Bryan Singer must continue to direct.


Friday, June 23, 2006


HIM/Adam Warlock was a request by HardCactus (such odd names parents give their kids these days...makes one long for the simpler times when names like Jebediah and Gaylord were more the fashion). I didn't know that much about the character but when I found out he was created by Kirby I had to, once again, draw two versions. The first is my take on the birth of HIM...who first appeared in the Fantastic Four #66 and #67 for all of two panels. I don't have colour copies of those issues but was told that HIM was basically nude. I've also seen HIM coloured with red briefs but I opted to go for the slightly-lighter than skin tone variant.

Incidentally, one of the scientists who created HIM is a totally hot bearded guy in a tight t-shirt! God Bless Jack Kirby! He knew how to draw MEN!
The second version is the Jim Starlin re-design which I know almost nothing about. I had a couple of issues of Infinity Watch (?) with lovely art by Tom Raney...but I don't know what happened to the character to make him Adam Warlock. What I liked about this guy was the red and gold in his costume. Anyone who wants to complain about the near nudity and impossible costumes of female superheroes need look no further than Adam Warlock to see that the same rules apply to the men! Honestly, who would think to match a collared cape with a tunic and short-shorts!?! Richard Simmons maybe?

I also want to wish a Happy Pride to everyone! I went out last night and Church street (here in Toronto) was packed to the gills! I'll be keeping an eye out for the perfect Jett Vector model and if I'm brave enough I'll snap a picture or four!

Special note to Francois - I haven't forgotten about Myles and Phat! HIM was just so cool looking and I knew exactly what I wanted to draw that I just had to work on HIM first.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Straight Scoop!

Yup, I've resorted to using the same image again just to fill out a Blog!

Ha! Just kidding. I used that image because it's a nice two man pic to illustrate the news that MEATCUTE interviewed little ol' me! MEATCUTE is a great site for finding new and old Homoerotic artists! He who goes by the "name" Klahd kindly honoured me with this months "On The Grill". Check it out!

Also, I'm posting something new! To me it doesn't really qualify as Beefcake because it wasn't drawn to be sexy...but it is a guy, and a usually handsome one, too. Poor Tony Stark.

The story behind this drawing is this: It's a recreation of a drawing I saw by Bob Layton. Bob was the artist on Iron Man when they made the character an alcoholic. Never having read Iron man I have no nostalgia for this particular era...I just thought the image of Tony Stark staggering around in his Iron Man outfit was really funny!


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Captain Britain!

Man, Alan Davis draws some sexy men. His Captain Britain was a drunken lout who sat around shirtless alot. Davis was the only artist I knew of at the time who wasn't afraid to draw his male heroes as sexy as his female's.

As I said in my previous post I had a little trouble with this drawing. My first attempt had really bad anatomy...I think it was worth the redraw and this version (although it still has problems) is a gajillion times better than the first (which you will never see). This one's for Matt over at DudeTube! And just for fun I took the exact same pose and drew Cap in his green sweats as seen in issue #47 of Excalibur. The Captain Britain costume is hot but, c'mon, it's always nice to see some flesh! If I knew how to work Flash I'd have done a cross dissolve or hot-button version of these two costume...out of costume...out of costume...that'd be cool...



Monday, June 12, 2006

Life Drawing!

Today's post contains some nudity! I know, I don't expect that from me and normally I don't draw it. Well, I wanted to post some life drawing today and it's pretty hard not to have nudity. Erasing or covering it up would just be silly and, honestly, I'm sure I'd hear from you guys if I did!

These are from two years ago, which is kind of embarassing. I really should get to a life drawing class again and refresh my skills. Especially considering the trouble I'm having on some of my Jett Vector pages. When I draw characters with more realistic anatomy I sometimes forget exactly how the body should move and what muscles overlap the others. My digital camera has saved me a few times (posing myself and using the timer setting to get the shot) and I search online for reference. But sometimes you just can't find the pose you need. It's on days like that I wish I had a life model handy. Sadly, paying someone to hang around until I need them for a photo shoot would just be too darned costly...and maybe a little too distracting...

Oh, my other reason for posting life drawings was that I haven't had much time to draw some real beefcake. I actually have a drawing of Captain Britain done but his legs are really bad...his proportions are almost gorilla-like. More reason to go to life drawing. So, I'm working on another.
I can't wait for my work to wrap up so I can draw Myles/Vivisector, Phat, and that Warlock guy.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Jett Vector: The Pencils!

Zipping through the cosmos to a planet near you comes Jett Vector, SpaceCop! I thought I'd share a couple of images from the Jett Vector pages I'm currently working on. I'm still working on how realistic I want my "realistic" anatomy...right now it's a cross between my attempt at John Buscema while keeping the Kirby influenced chunky inks and my own cartooniness! I'm trying to just plow through a bunch of pages and work out the kinks as I go.

In the opening pages of Jett's first adventure he's chasing a fishman who has stolen something of value to the royal family on some far-out planet. I teased a writer once about the lack of imagination in futuristic stories and how wheeled transport becomes "hover" transport. Hover-scooters, hover-boards, hover-cars...there must be more creative ways to get around.

And then what do I do with my first issue of Jett Vector? I put him on a hover-board, just like the Silver Surfer. *sigh* I tried different means of transportation but none worked with what I needed to happen in the story. And the planet he's on is mostly water so a hover-surfboard made the most sense.

Anyway, hope you guys like the art. I've got to get back to work!


p.s. I noticed that my links and profile business are all the way down at the bottom of the page. I don't know whay that is. I considered changing the template but I don't know if that will delete comments or posts...if anyone knows a solution feel free to post and let me know. Thanks.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Portrait of an Artist as a Steel Man.

After toying around with Colossus hurling cars, pressing danger room weights and various variations on similar strength themes I opted to draw Colossus the quiet, sensitive artist.

I've been reading the Essential X-Men vol. II because, well, I bought it and never read it. I'm a big fan of John Byrne's Fantastic Four and She Hulk but just never got into the X-Men! Mostly, and I know this is sacrilege, but I just didn't like Terry Austin's inking. that I've really looked at it (in black and white) I appreciate what he did. There's one particular issue in Vol. I which is inked by someone else and it is hideous. Clearly the inker did not know what to do with John's pencils. That showed me really how strong Austin was at the time.

p.s. Andrew - Hope you dig the drawing.
p.s.s Just in case you can't click on it