Monday, September 17, 2012

Anti-Bullying Campaign!

This weekend in Toronto I'll be participating in an art show open house. The event is called POWERHAUS and takes place at Glad Day Bookshop. The show runs from this Sunday 23rd of September to October 23rd. Click on Powerhaus to see the Facebook event listing.

I was fortunate in that I wasn't bullied as a kid. Not that I was out gay back in high school, but I wasn't even bullied for being a nerd, wearing glasses, or having braces. However...I did have fantasies like the ones I drew here...and that last panel almost, sort of happened. Actually the guy asked me to draw a naked lady for him. And I did. :)

Also, I noticed that I drew two crowd scenes of people exclaiming how awesome I...I mean, My Superhero counterparts, am/are. I draw my own applauding audience. What does that say about my need for approval? Let's not psychoanalyze, shall we.

If you're in Toronto come by the show. Several local artists are taking part and from what I've seen there's some amazing art going up. The show runs for a month so even if you miss the opening night you can still see the art and visit Toronto's famous Glad Day Bookshop.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rim'ah, Jungle King!

 With apologies to Musclsvg for missing his birthday, here's a R'IMA mock cover. I flipped back through my blog to provide links for past R'ima drawings and only now realized that I named him "Rim'ah". But I've already scanned the pencil art with shorter let's just call that temporary amnesia (or laziness). He'll be "Rim'ah" when I get a chance to finish this "cover".
I figured I'd share the rough drawing with you as well because that's always fun. As I was drawing this I wished I had a model handy to take on Rim'ah's pose for me. Not for dirty/sexy reasons but because that's a hard pose to draw.
Okay...maybe for a couple of dirty/sexy little reasons...but I swear it's all in the name of art.

So Happy Belated, Musclsvg!


Thursday, September 06, 2012

Hero's Day Off!

As requested in the comments (by Javier, if you must know :) a drawing of a superhero on his day off. I started this drawing a while ago with plans to do it as a print or something for a convention. You can see in the rough drawing above that there will eventually be a second figure...just two dudes hangin' out in the Superhero HQ lounge (probably watching Kate and Leopold or some other romantic comedy).