Saturday, May 30, 2009

Drink and Draw!

Oh, but I love the summertime! The weather is warming up nicely and the streets are full of the peoples! Perfect for sitting on a patio with friends, eating, drinking and drawing! Today was all about Toronto's trashiest trailer park patio (and by 'trashy' I mean 'hot') ZELDA'S. They've hired some new waiters since I visited last and I quite approve!

The guy in the ripped shirt is already a favourite. Curse me for a fool, but I'm still overcoming shyness when it comes to just talking to a cute guy! I'm convinced I'll come across as a complete and bumbling idiot! Thankfully Zelda's is known for its friendly staff, and nobody seemed to mind that my buddy, Mudge, and I ogled as we doodled.
The bearded guy is Mudge (don't ask me why his parents named him's the weirdest name I ever heard). I was trying to get a good cartoony take on his features, without going too far into caricature.

The guy above was just starting his first day as a waiter. That's an arm length tattoo he's sporting. I didn't get a good look at it but the design looked pretty fantastic. You know how some guys just have horrible ink jobs? This wasn't one of those. Nice crisp colours!

If you're in Toronto and stop by Zelda's...and you eat red meat...I highly recommend the mini-burgers. You get three of 'em and they are some of the best hamburgers I've yet to have in this city. And I've tried quite a few places. The meat is so deliciously spiced that you don't need any condiments at all to enjoy!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Saving Some Space!

Guess who I just drew a picture of? And guess who I'm gonna work like a madman on as soon as I'm done this latest issue of the Super Friends?

Seriously, guess!

;) j.