Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Wild One!

Over the next few weeks I'm gonna roll out some pin-ups on the same theme. Just for fun I'm not going to tell you the theme :) Won't it be fun and interactive to play a guessing game. Odds are pretty good the "game" will begin and end with this post because, frankly, you guys are some smart cookies and this particular drawing is full of clues.
p.s. Oh yeah...Happy New Year!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Hail Frigia!

Today is December 15th...and we're having unseasonably warm weather here in Toronto. I hardly feel right posting this drawing of Jett Vector in cold weather gear. I could go out in a fall jacket and, if it weren't slightly damp out, I could mow my lawn.

Fans of Flash Gordon may recognize the name Frigia in my post title. It was the all cold, all snow, all the time planet visited by Flash and Dale. I drew up a blank (naked) template of Jett and printed out multiples of the same body on sheets of paper so that I could draw different costumes on him. This was the first and I had a visit to Frigia in mind when I drew it. Costume design is not something I think I'm all that good at. It certainly helps if I have a story in mind or a costume to work a variation on. In the case of Jett I want to keep his basic shape (big upper body, narrow waist) clear and show as much skin as possible. Or in the case of winter wear...make the clothing skin tight.

Here's hoping it snows for Christmas, at least.


Monday, December 04, 2006


The awesome Edward sent me the drawing I did for him of the Mighty Thor. It just so happens that this was the very sketch I re-created as mentioned in my previous entry. There are bits I like in each drawing. I think my main problem with all the sketches I do at conventions is that my inking isn't all that hot!

Thanks for sending me the sketch, Edward.