Thursday, January 31, 2008

American Gladiators!

That's right...I watch and love the American Gladiators! Ever since the premier episode I've wanted to sit down and draw the line-up of the new series (I'll get to the girls eventually). Finally, with my work all caught up I could spend a few hours sketching out TV's newest superheroes!

I used to watch the original series back in the late 80's. Obviously the beefcake was a draw but I know I always thought of the show more as cartoon superheroes than as a sport like wrestling(which I just never got into, even though it was also a bunch of cartoon characters at that time). So I can honestly say I was pretty darned excited that a new American Gladiators was coming to television.

Fellow blogger Super Underwear Pervert (or "SUP") wrote a hilarious drunken review of the first episode at his blog here:
Oh, and the Gladiators are, from left to right, Militia, Wolf, Mayhem, Titan, Toa, and Justice. If you haven't watched the show I highly recommend it! The Eliminator alone is reason enough. It's both hilarious and thrilling when the competitors go head to head in that ridiculous blue and red obstacle course. I love it!


Monday, January 14, 2008

Dress Up Action Figure!

The January blahs may be setting and some of us (those who live in cold countries) might feel like we're stuck indoors until the weather warms up. But there's no reason we can't have a little fun while we wait for spring! Today I offer you an alternative to curling up in your comforter and reading/watching tv for the next four months...lets all play with Logan, the Paper Doll!

The instructions are simple: Save Logan and his clothing onto your hard drive. Print out the pages onto any ol' paper (I use photo paper with a matte finish for a firmer paper doll). Carefully cut around Logan and his clothing with a pair of safety scissors (kids, ask a parent for help). Dress and undress Logan as often as you want!
You can make up fun scenarios for your Logan Paper Doll! Maybe he's going out on a date and needs to get dressed for a night at the bars! Or maybe he's washing his motorcycle on a hot summer day! It's all up to you!

You could even print out extra t-shirts and colour them with pencil crayons or markers! Add your own designs or favourite logos! Or even create your own outfits by carefully tracing Logan! The power to have fun these cold winter days is completely in your own hands!
p.s. More clothing will be forthcoming soon. As well as some blank templates for you to colour more of your own clothing.

Friday, January 04, 2008


It's the dawning of a New Year and the second to last of the Horoscope pin-ups. I have Gemini left to draw and then...then I can begin my merchandising bonanza :)

I've noticed, as I look over the drawings, that I have slimmed down the backgrounds considerably as I progressed. I also maintained a more uniform shape in these later pin-ups. I actually think I like the earlier size better because you got more background behind the character...on the other hand these later pictures fit a whole lot nicer on the 9" x 12" canvases.

Okay, Geminis, you're up next. Hope I don't disappoint!

Happy New Year, folks.