Saturday, January 28, 2006

Superman Remembered.

Well, after reminiscing last entry I sat down to re-create the very panel I reminisced about! I suppose I should have made it look exactly like a Wayne Boring Superman but that Superman was a little on the heavy side. Looking back on it now he was built like a refrigerator box with a pin head. I wanted to draw Superman as my own ideal and not Boring's. Besides this is MY website. If Wayne Boring wants to put up his version of Superman with his shirt off he can start his own blog!

Oh, and if you want to read the reminisce you can. It's the previous blog entry right down there below this one.

Peace out.


Michael Cho said...

Man oh man, extra sweet J. Bone goodness! I luv the drawing, luv the colours and especially luv the fact that you took the time to draw this! After reading your previous post, I was really curious to find out what that panel looked like! It's just extra sweet that you drew it up and it looks so good. Inspiring!

And oh yeah, I agree about Wayne Boring. That dude was WHACK!

j. said...

Thanks Mikey! It's pretty much how I remember the composition and all...though, naturally, the dialogue is totally made up. There's no way I could remember dialogue that I couldn't even read. But I like to think that's exactly what Superman would say were he to be talking to himself about his metal chest plate!


Luc said...

Hot dang! I always like when Supes or Bats is drawn shirtless with some fur on their chest. Woof. Maybe that's why I was so into comics as a kid. Well, it's one reason.

j. said...

Thanks, Luc.
I had a roommate once who's chest hair was in the shape of the Superman crest. And not because he trimmed it that way. Totally natural. Alas, he was no Kal El!