Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Copyright Marvel Entertainment!

As requested by Nick, here is your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man!!

Funny thing about drawing this Spidey...I've drawn him before with less manly proportions (two issues of Tangled Web). In fact my Spidey tends to have a head like a pumpkin. So I consciously tried to beef him up without giving him my standard body type. I think it still has the funny lumpy muscles that I like to draw. I don't know if I succeeded in making him a pin-up in the realm of Beefcake...I'll leave that judgement up to Nick.

Peace out,


Michael Cho said...

Spider Sense Tingling!! Where can I get this on a t-shirt?? Seriously awesome spidey drawing-- bouncy and exciting in that uniquely J. Bone way!

Nice crotchshot too...

Nick said...

I'd say he's bulging in all the right places! I like that you made him strong without being massive. Many artists don't pull that off too well. He's either scrawny or lumpy. Great job!

Plus he has big hands and feet, and you know what that means... ;)

Nick said...

Now, get to drawing that spaceman... I'm looking forward to that. (I hope you and Clay are still doing it.)

j. said...

Tanks, lads. I think I was channelling Rick Leonardi on this one...he used to draw such a cool Spidey. More recently Damian Scott did a f***in' awesome Spider-Man AND Lizard, and then he left the book.

Yeah, the Spaceman...I had a good start on it but got sidetracked. But I'm gonna get back to it this year, you bet!!!


Johnny Bacardi said...

Holy geez, he's got a package like a pumpkin, too...that's how he manages to keep a movie star wife, I suppose! :)

j. said...

Thanks Johnny B!
And thanks for the mention on your blog!

Your write up on Beowulf reminds me of a recent find I found in the cheap bin at a recent comic con. A comic called Iron Jaw! I bought the issues because they had some awesome Neal Adams covers...and because he's a barbarian version of TrapJaw (the He-Man villain, y'know).

So I nabbed some jpegs and I'll work on a shot of ol' Beowulf, I think. I like his helmet!