Monday, March 13, 2006

Such Cheek!

Oh, that summer were here already! I do dislike the cold and dampness of Canadian spring. Not only is it uncomfortably chilly but everyone is all a-bundle in semi-winter attire. If only it were hot, that man might free himself to bask uncovered in summer's sunshiney glow!

For a bit of fun in your daily routine you might consider printing this chap out on heavy paper stock. Cut carefully around his outline and the triangular thingy beside him. Fold along the dotted line and glue or tape the support vertically up the backside of your man. The support works just like a picture frame, in case you're having trouble. Place him upright at your workstation, on top of your computer or wherever your line of sight falls when daydreaming at your desk. Let his saucy attitude warm you on a chilly, rainy day!

warm hugs,



timldn said...

Thank God a Blog that shows off some great cartoons and drawings. Look forward to dropping in to see you from time to time.


j. said...

Thanks for checking me out, Tim. I try my best to update weekly. I'd love to have links to more beefcake cartooning blogs if you know of any!