Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Amazing Colossal Man!

I confess that I was never a big X-Men fan as a kid. I had a bunch of Classic X-Men which reprinted old stories...but those I bought because the covers were drawn by Art Adams and Todd McFarlane (I was a big fan of Todd and I won't apologize for that). But, and I'm sure the reasons are obvious, I was a big fan of Colossus.
In the comments section here me and some of the guys were discussing Colossus at his best. I think it was agreed that a certain issue of Uncanny X-Men drawn by Rick Leonardi brought to us the hottest Colossus in his best costume to date!
This drawing of Colossus I did because of that issue...Andrew, it's not the drawing I've got for you. A proper pin-up should have the character facing you, at the very least. So another one is in the works.

For more Colossus reading check out Marvel Comics Presents numbers 10 through 17 which has a story drawn by Rick Leonardi. In '97 Marvel put out a one shot starring Colossus and Meggan, of Excalibur, which was drawn by Bryan Hitch. And the issue of Uncanny X-Men is #231!

stay metal.


Andrew W said...

Heh. When I first spotted the pic, I immediately thought, 'yay, but damn, he should be facing forward', so I'm glad to see you agree with me. :) Really cute pic, though. Still love those shorts. I can hardly wait to see what you do next!

Nick said...

This is a great rendition of Colossus. Kudos, JBone!

Drazen said...

Great recent posts Mr. Bone

manpop said...

hey how nice to discover your blog.
i LOVE your art.
do you know this "meatcute" blog?

very similar subject and style. you both are very inspiring! thanks!

j. said...

Andrew - I do always find it tough to do a pin-up. Especially of a character I haven't drawn before. Spidey I can draw in my sleep :) That said, i really hope I can come up with a nice image of Colossus.

Draz and Nick - Thanks, guys.

And thank you, Stan. I'll check out the meatcute blog!

C.Edwards said...

um...I'm okay with looking at his backside.

I've always liked Colossus because for a long time he was one of the few male heroes with bare thighs.