Monday, April 10, 2006

Last week I had the pleasure of showing some art in a Comic Book themed art exhibit. I didn't want to just put up pages of work I'd done so I picked a few superhero images I'd drawn and put them on t-shirts (with iron-on transfer paper available at any computer or offic supply store :) The Owl has appeared here before half out of his costume (you are the lucky few to ever see his "true" identity).
This is the image I really wanted to have on a shirt for myself. It's meant to look a little like a shirt print from the 70' the Superfriends or Blue Falcon where the characters were often standing on top of their own logo. I love that kind of stuff. It could have only turned out better if I had made a border of glitter! But we can't have everything, can we...

This is another one I put on a shirt. I always liked those deep shots of Superman flying out at you and thought it would look cool to have the Owl do the same.

And then for more of your enjoyment here's the Owl as he first appeared here. Complete with a little device for you to make your own inaction figure. Cut carefully around his outline and the triangular thingy beside him. Fold along the dotted line and glue or tape the support vertically up the backside of the Owl. The support works just like a picture frame, in case you're having trouble. Place him upright at your workstation, on top of your computer or wherever your line of sight falls when daydreaming at your desk. I've got mine standing on my bookshelf.

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j. said...

Francois, with apologies, your comment got deleted in my attempt to figure out what the heck is going on with the lack of linking! Blogger does this sporadically, I find. Some of my images won't let you open the bigger file.
I don't know squat about html code but I'm giving the post code a lookover to see if I can solve the problem.

Sorry again, that your comment was lost.