Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blowing leaves!

True story! I did my best to remember this guy and draw him as accurately as I could. While out walking my dog one day I passed this guy doing yard work. I did all I could to slow down as I passed in order to properly etch his image in my brain! I'm pretty sure I made up most of his face because, honestly, I wasn't really looking there. Another innacuracy is the leaf blower...he wasn't using one but it's so much more phallic than a rake! :)

He got something out of his yellow pick-up and, in my deductive genius, I realized that he didn't live at the house to whose yard he was attending. "Crap," I thought. "I'll never see this guy again." Well, it just so happened that the very next morning I was looking out my front window and he drove past in his very big, yellow truck! Perhaps I may see Yard Man again...tending to someone's unkempt lawn!

On another note, this drawing is almost part two of a previous post celebrating the outdoor workman! Part one was this roofing guy and I can assure you there will be more. Just yesterday I rode past a guy checking the wiring in one of thos outdoor electrical box thingies...I saw London and France and more than just his underpants!



C.Edwards said...

Well, maybe you should think about letting YOUR yard get a little overgrown, then Mr. Yellow truck can come over and 'blow' you a little?

Trim your hedges?
Bag your leaves?
Tend to
Fence in your backyard --okay, that's pushing it, but I think you get the picture...

I experience all the time, whether it's some sweet construction worker or the two incredibly HOT, young garbagemen that pick up the trash on my street. Yes, people; Hot. Young. Garbagemen. That just ain't right.

Andrew W said...

If I could draw, I think I'd spend an awful lot of time trying to commit memorable guys I'd seen on the tube to the page. I envy that you can do that. And I envy you your yellow truck man! (Also if I could draw, I think I'd spend a lot of time trying to get the courage up to ask these gorgeous men if they'd let me draw them.)

In response to the above poster: garbagemen can be seriously hot, in my experience. But I don't think there's any steamy fantasies to be had about them that don't involve a hot shower first.

Fran├žois said...

That is one seriously hot drawing.
You can do more in that spirit anytime :)

I was in Hungary last month, and it was extremely hot, and all the construction guys were shirtless and I spent far too much time not looking at the nice architecture.
Damn, I should have taken pictures.

j. said...

Klahd - I almost titled the post "Blowing leaves me breathless!" but thought a)it was too dirty and b)the pun was lost! Also, there's nothing wrong with checking out the garbage men! I agree with Andrew, a shower should come first...but there's no reason they should be showering alone!

Andrew - Ah, the old "Come up to my room and I'll show you my etchings" bit! I've often thought of asking a hottie if I might draw him. Photographers do it all the's just a matter of confidence, I figure. A business card would probably help with credibility, too. Hmmm...

Francois - I'm ashamed of you! Looking at boring old architecture when entire crews of hungarian construction men are going about shirtless! Tsk tsk! :)
(Hope you at least had a good trip.)

Thanks all!

Anonymous said...





jockalot said...

Dear Bone,

Love, love your work. Found it today. Put the JLA Locker Room comic up on my blog.


j. said...

Hairybears - Many thanks!

Jockalot - Also many thanks!

I need to do more Hero locker rooms, I think.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmyes, now that's how it's done. This is absolutely amazing. Gawd! I wish you'd do a tutorial or something on how you do this stuff. Give us an insight into genius at work.

j. said...

Voltaire - Aw shucks...thanks...

A tutorial might be fun. More than a few people have asked me about the half-tone colour screen (it's a filter in photoshop)and some have also requested I stop using it. :)

I'm working on a drawing of an electrician with nice dimples...I'll keep the tutorial in mind as I ink and colour it.