Monday, December 04, 2006


The awesome Edward sent me the drawing I did for him of the Mighty Thor. It just so happens that this was the very sketch I re-created as mentioned in my previous entry. There are bits I like in each drawing. I think my main problem with all the sketches I do at conventions is that my inking isn't all that hot!

Thanks for sending me the sketch, Edward.


Chris Stone said...

Nice choice with the pancake man, what are those things on his chest supposed to be anyway?

j. said...

eatboots - I love your blog, man! In answer to your query...the things on Thor's chest are reflectors so he doesn't get run over when he's out jogging at night. Duh!

Chris - Thanks, man.


Alden V said...

very cool thor drawing

Matt said...

Conventions are busy and loud and distracting; I loved drawing for people at them, but I couldn't concentrate on fine detail there as much as I could at home. You're being too hard on yourself, that's a great drawing of Thor.

And those disks aren't for reflecting light.... Thor is like a cat with nipples all over, they protect his sensitive teets.

Adam G said...

Hey J

I have looked through your blog and you do wonderful art! Keep it up!


j. said...

Alden - Thanks, man.

Matt - Interesting. Is the nipple thing common among all the Norse gods or just Thor? He'd be teased awfully in the Viking locker room.

Adam G - Thanks.