Monday, November 20, 2006


Before I posted the Aquaman drawing I'd promised some more Roger Rodgers! And so I finally keep my promise! The above are pretty much the rest of the Ta'Li Ho and Roger Rodgers pages that I have finished. There is more to the story than what you see here but I don't want to show TOO much or I'll have nothing left to publish.

On the weekend I had the good fortune to sketch at a one day comic book show here in Toronto. I met a few guys who know me from my board and who requested beefcake versions of Superheroes. I don't take pictures of the stuff I draw at the cons or I would post them here...but I'm doing to try to recreate a few of the better drawings just for fun! I'm mentioning all of this in order to tempt the guys I met to comment and perhaps send me a link to the images if they have it in their power to scan and upload to the net. :)
Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!


C.Edwards said...

Looks great! Too bad I can't read 'em because they aren't clickable!!

T'aint fair, Bone, t'aint fair

j. said...

Sorry Klahd! Crummy blogger! I thought that little problem would be fixed by switching to Beta!

There's also that funny long space between the last image and comments area. *sigh*


j. said...

I believe the pictures are now clickable! There was, however, one casualty...the cartoony version of Roger which I will post in a completely new post of his own!

Therefore Klahd is not's just that anyone checking after this morning (wed. Nov. 22) will get the repaired linkages.

I hope!

*sigh* and *sigh* again.


DrawFellas said...

Awesome! When can we expect the Ta'Li Ho and Roger Rodgers action figures? I am first in line for them...

zpeedy said...

Very nice work.

It seems to me that Flesh Hardon and Roger Rodgers should meet up.
After all, Jean RODGERS played the original Dale Arden in the Buster Crabbe Flash Gordon serials.
Are you sure that there wasn't some subliminal thing that led to giving him the last name Rodgers. He was meant to be with Flash (Flesh).

An obviously gay Flesh, with a slightly obtuse Roger (who keeps getting himself put in positions where he gets stripped down) seems like a recipe for intergalactic hijinks.

j. said...

Rudy - I'd LOVE to have action figures made from some of my drawings. One day it'll happen (and if I have my way they'll be 12" they can hang out with Barbie:)

Zpeedy - Thanks. I didn't know about Jean Rodgers playing Dale Arden...very interesting. Roger Rodgers name actually came from Buck Rogers but I wanted a double initial (Bugs Bunny, Peter Parker, etc...) and thought that giving him the same first and last name was funny.
It completely makes sense that he should meet Flesh Hardon!


manpop said...

he should meet Jett Vector too!

Anonymous said...



Paul Conrad said...

J.! When and where can I get the published version of this? I love it.
(love that cinema layout too)

good stuff!