Monday, April 02, 2007

March Madness!

This month has been crazy! Not a day went by where I didn't think about my poor neglected blog and you my Blog-friends but pressingn work kept me from it and you. Happily, this morning saw the wrap-up of back to back gigs (though I still have more to ink, the deadline is not until much later in the month) and freedom to blog again.

So today I give you "Dark Taurus"! Oooh, scary!

I really, really didn't want to interrupt the Horoscope theme with a non-Horoscope post but the sad truth is I am not done all of the signs of the Zodiac yet. This guy above is a re-working of the existing Taurus drawing done for a friend. This particular buddy, who I've referred to in the past as "saucy", much prefers his men closer to if not completely naked. While I don't disagree with him on the fantasticness of the undressed male you all know by now my own Code of Prudishness! Dark Taurus is as nearly naked as my COP allows. And he's still technically a Horoscope so I haven't broken the line!

And speaking of nudity I encourage you to check out the recent sketches posted by Belasco over on his blog. His newest drawings are almost animated in style with a gorgeous fluid line and terrific graphic shapes. I love 'em! I've been working on revising my Jett Vector style to something similarly stylized and absolutely hate that Belasco does it with so much pinache! :)
(By "hate" I mean "am jealous of").



Fran├žois said...

That's one fine guy!

Coincidentally, I just finished reading your Mutant, Texas book. That was a lot of fun, and your art was really dynamic and engaging. Great work!

Unknown said...

J, great work as always! Two very different versions of the same sign. I like'em both but the Dark Taurus does have this enticing quality about him. ;)

Love the fur and stache, definitely not the "good ole boy'!

Paul Conrad said...

He's back! :)
Great image, love the lines as well as those blacks on his legs. Super sweet.
Glad to hear you have a little breathing room on the deadlines.... Looking forward to more goodness from you.



Adam Ford said...

Sir, let me just say that I've loved your ink work since allison dare, it's ALL sorts of awesome.
More recently you've been working on the spirit and I just gotta say...damn.
I can't get over just HOW Much you bring to Cooke's pages. Anyway, thought I'd sing some praise and all that...Keep up the great work.

j. said...

Francois - Ah, Sheriff Brunt. Even though he had those crazy scorpion tails coming out of his back I tried to draw him a little bit beefcakey. *sigh*

Carlos - Thanks, man. I don't know if they're considered "cheesy" or "ironically cool" but I think those kind of 'staches are hot!

Paul - Thanks. Cooke and I are working really hard to keep that book on schedule.

forlackofbetter - Nice name! :) And thanks for the compliments on my inking. In those early days of Alison I was told that I shouldn't ink my own work. Glad to know someone out there (besides me) liked it!

And inking Cooke is easy. He's an incredible penciller. And I'm not just saying that. This last issue we just finished is just plain Suh-WEET!!


Belasco said...

Hey, J! Thanks for the kudos! I love your inking style and simplicity/economy of line. I appreciate you're restraint in showing flesh (you're a stronger man than I!) but it's always a treat when you let the draw-bridge down, so to

zpeedy said...

Certainly a fine specimen, but...

For all of his manly manliness and beautifully rendered physique, I keep trying to think of where exactly this "snapshot" would have been taken.

Given his jaunty gait, smiling face, wardrobe and fancy roping... he looks a bit as if he is walking down the street of a Gay Pride Parade. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Both versions are nice, but I am leaning more towards the original.

savante said...

Love your work! They look amazing :) Definitely putting up a link.

Alden V said...

love the inks and colors!!!