Monday, May 07, 2007

Jett Vector! Free Comic Book!

This past Saturday was FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! This post really should have been put together oh, I dunno, last week! Shame on me! If you've got a good comic shop maybe they'll still let you pick through the stack of free comic books made available by all the comic publishers. I contributed to a book called the COMICS FESTIVAL 2007 EDITION. It's a little two page Jett Vector story which I'm thrilled to finally see in print!

If you can find a copy of the book I highly recommend picking it up because of the other artists...guys like Darwyn Cooke, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Steve Manale, Michael Cho, Ramon Perez, Cameron Stewart, Chip Zdarsky and many more. Also, pick it up because it's FREE!
I've just learned that the Beguiling here in Toronto, will eventually make the book available as an online download. Sorry folks. I hope you're able to find the book eventually because it really is full of wonderful.
Ah, Jett Vector. How much do I love drawing thee. I look at his thumbs up pose in the last panel and wish I'd fixed a few things before inking it but otherwise I think I did a not-too-bad job!


Unknown said...

Dude, you did a GREAT job!

Paul Conrad said...

Looks great J.!
I just wrote the Beguiling and asked if they'd send me a copy.... I sure hope so!


Michael Cho said...

Jett Vector rocks the Planet Rock! He's my newest favourite super-heroey-guy.

...and you know I'm dying to see a full length Jett Vectory comic! said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Inspired work Mr. J! I picked this up obviously last Saturday and totally wasn't expecting it so was even happier when I got some J Bone goodness on FCBD! Love the concept too - first time I read of this character of yours! I wanna see more!!
Cheers, Kel.

Paul Conrad said...

Dangit...I wrote the Beguiling and asked for a copy;

"Sorry, we arent' sending out copies of the FCBD book. Eventually, it will be
downloadable. (can't say when, we only just put up the last book)"


HvH said...

Great job! Love your work :)
This Jett Vector is as sexy a hero as they come :)


HvH said...

I just noticed you added the link to my blog here. Quite an honour :) Thank you.


Mike Wieringo said...

What an awesome comic.... your work is just so damned appealing to the eye. I echo the call for a full-length JETT VECTOR adventure!

j. said...

Chip - Mucho thanks!

Paul - Shame about that. I should have actually asked the Beguiling what the plans were for getting more of the book out ther. In the meantime you can download last years free comic which also has a page of art by me! And a funny story by Darwyn, Mike Cho and Brian McLachlan (Obi Wan Shinobi).

Cho - Thanks, guy. I can't wait for the Jett Vector action figure! After the comic comes out, of course :)

Kel - Glad you found the book in your neighbourhood. I have more Jett Vector on my blog may take some digging but there is a six page silent story in there somewhere.

Hvh - Also thanks. It's my pleasure to have you. Your confidence in line and colour is something I aspire to.


j. said...

Mike - We must have been posting at the same time! Glad you saw the comic. This is the project I was telling you about that I'm really excited to one day work on as a GN.


Ray said...

Wowza! Sign me up for the continuing adventures of Jett Vector. He rocks! I'd pay big moola an action figure too.

Great stuff j. - the strip is really beautiful. I just love your artwork.

Dorian Hudson said...

I dont have words to tell you about your art... I love it. Your style is AMAZING!!!

Unknown said...

grrr. i'm so annoyed i missed free comic book day.

but i looooove you!

Fran├žois said...

Hey, J., have you seen this?

j. said...

Ray - Hey, thanks for the write up on your blog. I think it might be fun to Beefcake-Up the DC universe.

Dorian - Many thanks.

Maureen - Yes, shame on you for missing it! But you've since found a copy of the book, haven't you? Hugs!

Francois - Isn't that great? The guy who did the custom figures actually e-mailed me. Now that they're on the site I'll add a link in my next post.

I also found a MySpace profile with the same JLA locker room scene as the guy's background image. Naturally I invited him to be my MySpace friend! :)


C.Edwards said...

I second the "Jett Vector" action figure idea!

Fran├žois said...

I'm all for doing a beefcake-up of DC... as long as the beefcake is better drawn than most of the cheescake they have, which is vulgar and anatomically laughable.