Monday, March 03, 2008

Bruce Wayne!

This wednesday, comic book day, sees the release of Justice League: The New Frontier. It's a single issue special put out to coincide with the DVD release of the New Frontier movie (you all got that, right?) I was in San Francisco recently for the premiere screening of the movie and thought it was fantastic.
The comic book has art from the film, a kickass new Batman/Superman story by Darwyn Cooke, a Robin tale drawn by New Frontier Director Dave Bullock (with inks by Mike Cho) and a Wonder Woman story by me! I finally got to draw Wonder Woman! It's a dream come true. So why am I posting a picture of Bruce Wayne? Because this is a Beefcake blog, and because ol' Brucie appears in the story in a really cute way!

Here's the fantastic Darwyn Cooke cover so you won't miss it at the shops this wednesday.



Javier said...

Congrats on Wonder Woman! Personally, I prefer a much more svelte Diana (whose strength comes as a surprise to her adversaries), but there is so much obvious joy in your depiction of her that I can easily over look that. The scan on your other blog looks terrif!


Why is it that we have a female Gemini and no male Gemini? Perhaps someone's priorities are a bit mixed-up.

Still waiting on the Rod Rogers paper doll.

tiny robot said...

Gorgeous work!

Andy said...

Yes, Congratulations to you for another job well done!! BRAVO! :))

j. said...

Javier - I knew as I was drawing that my Wonder Woman wouldn't be for everyone. :) I hope you like the's meant to be a bit silly.

And good call on the Male Gemini. I completely forgot that I hadn't posted him yet! Holy socks! And I promised to do so before the actual date of Gemini births, too. Next post will be Gemini!

Tiny Robot - Much thanks.

Andy - Thanks, man. I appreciate the compliments.


Javier said...

I loved the story and I loved the fun art. I even "like" the fun WW. I like comics that are "comic." It's just that I see Diana as a great beauty, THE great beauty of comicdom. And you DO draw some incredibly beautiful women. But you have made it clear in the past that you don't see Diana in that sexy maiden mode. You prefer her to be a bit "meatier." More power to you. Your love of the character was apparent in every panel. And thats what its really about isn't it? I prefer seeing a plus sized Diana drawn with excitement than some of the phoned -in bloodless versions that have appeared in her own book.

Drazen said...

thats a sharp lookin wayne!

Art LeMat said...

I love it! I like the squarry and bold lines. And the attitude in the character...Great stuff Man!

Michael Cho said...

Love that Bruce Wayne! He was so lively in that story -- great design work, J.

j. said...

Javier - I know what you mean, man. Diana deserves better than some of the ways she's been drawn in the past. That said, I love the Dodsons take on her. Gorgeous AND strong.

Drazen - Thanks, man.

Art - It took me a while to work out a Bruce Wayne that felt like my version rather than the Animated series take...but I'm really happy with the results. I should draw him as Batman and see if he translates as well.

Michael - Thanks, Cho.


Aman Chaudhary said...

I absolutely love your version of Wonder Woman! Congratulations. :D

On a side note, I met Darwyn Cooke last summer in San Diego.

Phil Jimenez and I were chatting at the Hyatt, and Cooke comes up to us and starts talking about how great it must be to be gay! He seems like a swell guy! :)