Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Ruler of Atlantis!

Namor is one of my favourite Marvel characters. You might think it's because he runs around wearing nothing but a swimsuit and you'd be right. But there's more to it...he's a hero who's kind of an ass! He's arrogant and angry, full of hatred for mankind yet loving to his own people. And he's been drawn by some of the best artists out there. Jack Kirby drew him in the Fantastic Four, John Buscema rendered him awesomely in his own book and Namor's creator Bill Everett drew him with an unearthly flat head and pointy chin...a weird shape for a heroic head indeed.

My drawing here is sort of a recreation of Buscema's 1968 Namor cover with an attempt at Bill Everett's bizarre head shape. In the end I didn't go as far as Everett...he just started to look too bizarre for me. My drawing is cartoony but I didn't want him to look goofy.

The floating heads are Tigershark and the Lady Dorma.



Devil Doll said...

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I *adore* Namor, and he gets no love. And I approve of the clothing choice. The green fish scale panties win out over the black leotard every time!

j. said...

Devil Doll - I'm with you...the black leotard is interesting. But to wear only a green swimsuit when facing off against your foes takes so much more courage and...balls! It's so much more NAMOR!


chrishaley said...

I love the whole image, but that Tigershark is especially great to me for some reason.

Javier said...

Was never a huge Namor fan, but I have to admit I loved seeing Lady Dorma's appearances. She started off as such a great good "bad girl." Loved it whenever she would try to off the whiney, clingy, Sue Storm for trying to steal her man. So its nice to see her again even if she is just a floaty head.

James Figueiredo said...

I agree with Chris Haley, Tiger Sharks looks particularly awesome - Also, your coloring in this piece kicks so much ass!

As for Namor, I'm very fond of John Byrne's take on the character, and I think Jimmy Cheung drew the hell out of him in the Illuminatti series. Which, btw, has a great take on Namor, writing-wise also.



j. said...

Chris - Thanks, man. I kinda liked how Tiger Shark turned out. I think he'd be fun to draw in a comic some day.

Javier - I, too, love the Lady Dorma. John Buscema always drew her so ravishingly beautiful...a look I attempted but did not quite succeed in catching.

James - Again, thanks for the Tiger Shark love. I also bought the Byrne Namor series and loved it. He did some really nice stuff with Namor in the beginning. By the time Iron Fist showed up I was bored of the series (although that story line did bring back my favourite Marvel villain, the Super Skrull).


rachelle said...

This is great! I was just working on my Top 10 Marvel characters list for Mondo Magazine, and this is the inspiration I needed! All hail Namor!

Do you know what's funny? At Universal Studios' Marvel Island, there's a big picture of Namor on the sign over the bathrooms. Like, he rules the bathrooms.

j. said...

Rachelle - Namor made my Mondo top ten list as well. That's what got me thinking about this drawing and that I hadn't posted it yet.

I hope you got a picture of Namor, Ruler of the Pees! Expect another invasion if Namor ever sees that signage!


Patrick said...

Hi J...

Just wanted to tell you that this image of Namor your created is simply AMAZING! Namor is one of my favorite male Marvel characters, and I just love how you depicted him. You've captured the beauty and strength of the character perfectly! Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

Wonderful, inspiring work as always!

All the best,
Patrick :o)

Javier said...


go to...

and go to the bottom of the page.

Do you think the hat is hiding an unearthly flat head :)

j. said...

Patrick - Thanks man. It's always my pleasure to share :)

Javier - That guy would be good casting if they ever did a Namor movie. Incredible. What a chin!