Monday, May 05, 2008

If the Sub-Mariner reaches the water, he'll become INVINCIBLE!

Final Namor pic in retro-colour! Recently I've been working on a few pin-up type images recreating some of my favourite scenes from comics past. This is sort of the cover image from Fantastic Four #4...although I didn't actually find that cover until I'd finished the inks on my own version. I knew the scene I wanted to draw but looked only in the essential collection for a panel of Namor kidnapping Sue...I don't know how I missed the cover until too late but that's the way it went.

To tell the truth I'm glad I drew more from memory than directly copying. This way it feels more like my own thing rather than a Kirby re-do.

Eventually I'll be sending my pin-ups to my art dealer Albert Moy. I've finally added a link to his site over on the right. Dunno why it's taken me so long to advertise my association with Mr. Moy!! Crazy. Check out his site if you're interested in any of my comic book work. There are some nice Wolverine pages drawn by Darwyn that I inked and some of our Spider-Man work, plus all the Spirit pages.



Anonymous said...

wow! retro-colour style is simply gorgeous! very good works!
ciao from an italian fan

Michael Cho said...

wowie wow wow! Always top notch stuff, J. The Namor looks great -- but I could never understand how Sue could fall for a guy who probably smells like fish! :)

j. said...

Andrea - Much thanks, man. Love the work on your blog.

Cho - Maybe Sue creates an invisible force field clothespin on her nose to quell the stench. It's his bad boy image she's really attracted to! Thanks for the praise, guy.


chrishaley said...

That's (I'm sorry) fantastic!
What's the secret to the great retro-coloring?