Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Guy a Day! Wednesday update?

Well, these lads should have gone up on Monday. Then yesterday came and went with me completely forgetting to update again. So Wednesday it is. It seemed just too long a wait to hold off until Thursday. 

The weather is turning colder here in ol' Upper Canada. There are always a few holdouts...guys wearing shorts well into October. Generally, however, colder days means heavier clothes and less outdoor activities. Wherever can I turn for inspiration? Has a man ever been "hot" in a full snowsuit and ski-boots? ("Hot" in the attractiveness meaning of the word...not in the actual Webster's "an increase of temperature" definition). 

I had a dream last night that I was back in school, trying to solve an absolutely impossible math problem with a pencil that wouldn't work properly on paper that was too thin. The teacher handed out new pens to everyone because we were no longer allowed to solve math problems with erasable pencil. Later at home I worked on the homework until four in the morning. At the end of the dream I spilled hot chocolate on my notebook. Anyone with thoughts on possible meanings behind said dream are welcome to comment.



Fran├žois said...

The dream means your math teacher was making a pass at you by distributing, uh, lead pencils? :)

(I have never distributed lead pencils to my students, so I'm not talking about myself here).

Adam G said...

The dream means you're going to make a psychologist really rich one day.

Great art!

James Figueiredo said...

Great pictures, as always but, man, WOOOOOF to the second drawing! ;)

ANd I never cease to be impressed by how well you convey the body expression and movement of your characters, man!


musclsvg said...

Great drawings! I just wish the guys that I see flashing butt crack looked like yours and the second guy has a relaxed sexiness about him. The contrast between the two body types in the third drawing make it the real keeper for me. Does winner take all at game's end?

As for your dream, let me ask you this: Has something change in your life lately? In the dream you're trying to please someone that's changing the status quo. The switch from pencil to pen seems a logical phallic symbol. Then after prolonged activity you climax by spilling your creamy hot chocolate. Another bit of symbolism that's obvious. It seems you either have, or want, something different in your life and you want to make it work. If so, to quote Tom Hanks quoting "The Godfather": "Go to the mattresses." Some advice that can be taken any number of ways! But hey, I'm no therapist. This and a quarter will get you five nickels.

j. said...

Francois - Hmmm...I hadn't seen it as a sexual dream. But what Musclsvg says makes some you also may have something there.

Tower - I don't need a psychologist so long as I've got the internet :)

James F - Thanks, man. I appreciate the compliment. I do try to make my "actors" seem real, even in the cartooniest of drawings.

Musclsvg - Wow! Fantastic analysis. Talk about hitting the nail right on the head! I hadn't seen the dream in that way at all. I took the math problem as a work situation that I'm frustrated by. But to actually view the pencil/pen as a phallic symbol puts the whole thing in a new light. The hot chocolate spilling I still see as self-sabotage, accidental or otherwise. I want a change but am maybe a little afraid of something new so I ruin it before it goes too far?

Cheez whiz...let's get back on topic here. Men!
If only men in the real world were as easy to change as my pencil drawings.


Fran├žois said...

"If only men in the real world were as easy to change as my pencil drawings."

Your boyfriend should be very, very afraid :)

musclsvg said...

Glad you liked the dream analysis. I'm always intrigued with other people's perspectives too. So if you'll indulge me once more: I don't see a person that has a career, administers a very successful blog and produces all of the quality art that appears on that blog as self-sabotuer. It's obvious that your talents exceed well beyond your drawing pencils. Otherwise, you couldn't do what you do. If there's one thing you don't excel at it's defeat.

C.Edwards said...

I think the pencil represents your lost innocence and the paper an unknown future. The teacher with the pens is one of your parents and the hot chocolate means you're going to win the lottery...

Ian said...

musclsvg: It is certainly a rare moment when the coin-slot butt reveal is appealing or is followed by a handsome face.

j.: I do like the pose in the first one alot! Great proportions.