Monday, March 23, 2009

The Jungle Calls!

My desk is piling up with busy-ness lately...I've not had much time to focus on the Beefcake. I'm hoping you'll be all right with a little peak at my loose pencils on page one of the first Rimah story! I got a big chunk of it done just before things started getting heavy and now, sadly, I have to shift my focus for a spell.

The rest of the is month and most of April has got to be all about the kids! I'll be attending the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this year, with the guys from Transmission-X. We're working on some fun stuff for the show, I'll be part of a little art exhibition and most likely be drawing throughout the day. It's a free event so don't be shy about dropping by!



Jeff said...

I'm okay with whatever you post because it's always great to look at! Thanks for the peek at this page, it's cool to see how the drawings start out.

Good luck with the businesses that lies ahead. I wish I was in Toronto, I'd definitely stop by and say hello.

Sph1nx said...

Dude, i could so try to meet you there ! If i can reach toronto in half a day but im sure i can make it hahha.

musclsvg said...

Bone, you are such a master of suspense! You give us a peak at these Lord Rim'ah panels and then say you're going to be busy for a month. Aaarrrggghhh! We know you've got to honor your commitments, but these drawings are so hot they're volcanic! Perhaps, after a few days of G-rated art for the kids you'll find the need to draw meatier adult fare. Let's hope so. The tension and detail in Rim'ah's body in the first panel(even in rough form) is really exciting. Can't wait to see the finished product cleaned up and inked in you own inimitable style(No offense, Mr. Wiggam).

GrifterWolf said...

Hey :) Love the latest work. I just got a new computer and completely lost the link here I'm glad I made it back :) If I might make a suggestion to go along with your hollywood monsters themes how about some fan art of the Missing Link from the movie Monsters vs. Aliens? He can tough it out with Wolfman ;) fact he mentioned it in the movie lol