Saturday, May 30, 2009

Drink and Draw!

Oh, but I love the summertime! The weather is warming up nicely and the streets are full of the peoples! Perfect for sitting on a patio with friends, eating, drinking and drawing! Today was all about Toronto's trashiest trailer park patio (and by 'trashy' I mean 'hot') ZELDA'S. They've hired some new waiters since I visited last and I quite approve!

The guy in the ripped shirt is already a favourite. Curse me for a fool, but I'm still overcoming shyness when it comes to just talking to a cute guy! I'm convinced I'll come across as a complete and bumbling idiot! Thankfully Zelda's is known for its friendly staff, and nobody seemed to mind that my buddy, Mudge, and I ogled as we doodled.
The bearded guy is Mudge (don't ask me why his parents named him's the weirdest name I ever heard). I was trying to get a good cartoony take on his features, without going too far into caricature.

The guy above was just starting his first day as a waiter. That's an arm length tattoo he's sporting. I didn't get a good look at it but the design looked pretty fantastic. You know how some guys just have horrible ink jobs? This wasn't one of those. Nice crisp colours!

If you're in Toronto and stop by Zelda's...and you eat red meat...I highly recommend the mini-burgers. You get three of 'em and they are some of the best hamburgers I've yet to have in this city. And I've tried quite a few places. The meat is so deliciously spiced that you don't need any condiments at all to enjoy!



Bob Hamilton said...

Hey! Love this blog-the art is SO inspiring-really enjoyed your 'Drink and Draw' post-great stuff. Can I ask what size sketchbook you use when working outside in a bar or in public? I'm currently experimenting with various books and it would be so interesting to know what works for you!
Keep up the great work!
Thanks for the blog

j. said...

Bob - I always carry around a 6"x8" hardcover sketchbook. I sometimes get the coilbound but lately I'm using the black cover standard sketchbook available at pretty much every art supply store. I've also got one size smaller for days that I don't want to carry a bag with me. The smaller size fits in my back pocket...although I've also stuck it in the back of my pants (just enough to secure it against your back but not enough to hide your butt :)

I find when I don't have my sketchbook that I miss it so I always try to have it by the door to grab on my way out. It's also great for jotting down numbers!

Best of luck finding the book that works for you!


Bob Hamilton said...

Many thanks j.
Thanks so helpful

Jeff said...

I don't stop by for a few days and come back to see some new stuff. Awesome.

I like how you render Mudge differently. It's cool to see how you keep it fairly recognizable as the same guy but completely change his personality with the different looks.

On the page with ripped shirt guy, who are the other heads... this one threw me a bit. The two on the left (nearest the book spine) look like they could be riffs on Mudge still, but then the other two don't.

And that waiter is totally cute... especially with the cowboy hat.

Thanks for putting up new work for us to enjoy.

James Figueiredo said...

Great sketches, J, as always! Love how spontaneous the linework looks - The guy with the tatooed arm looks particularly good (that's one I think deserves a more fleshed out pictue!

And regarding sketchbooks, i'm trying to carry one with me more frequently. I prefer the coilbound, though.


P.S.: How's the sketchbook project going?

j. said...

Bob - Anytime!

Jeff - Yeah, I haven't updated nearly as often as I'd like. Work has kept me quite busy lately. Those other two heads aren't Mudge. They're two other guys who caught my eye on the patio. The shaggy haired guy reminded me of old drawings of the Beatles where they'd just be a nose peeking out from a mop of hair.

James - Thanks. I'm hoping to get a chance to draw the tattooed guy again, and work up a more complete drawing.
I go through phases with my sketchbooks. I used to carry an eight by ten, coilbound but I found I didn't draw in it nearly enough. Switching to a smaller book helped a lot. Sometimes I'll just sketch on what's available, too. Like on pages of a magazine or newspaper, napkin...whatever's handy at the bar :)

Project Sketchbook is ramping up! I've got the artwork gathered in one area. All that's needed is the time now to go through it. I've also located most of my discs of colour work and will start going through them as well.

I'm still aiming for a fall availability for the book!


Unknown said...

Great sketches and I second the Zelda's mini-burgers!

Andy said...

I want to know if the guys your sketched got a peek at your work? Or did you tap your inner secret agent and doodle when they weren't looking?
I don't know what it is, but I often find it tough to draw while someone is watching. Like it interrupts my concentration or something. I gotta get over that.
Great tip about Zelda's! I will definitely check it out when I'm in Toronto!! :))

j. said...

Chip - I know, right? I had my old standard the other night: Bobbin' on the Bayou chicken. It's good but they never give me enough chicken! I need three full breasts to be contented!

Andy - I don't think they saw my drawings. I try to be discreet but I know that the waiters saw me (and my friend) looking. But it's Zelda's and I think they're accustomed to being checked out! I'm also pretty sure that our waiter saw us drawing which means he may have told his fellow waiters what we were up to.

If I'm being watched I can't draw the person who's watching me. I could draw someone else...but not them.

If you're coming up to Toronto give me a shout, e-mail style, and we can meet up for a drink