Monday, November 30, 2009

Post-Poser Post!

I love finding new sites that make it seem like I'm working (because they're art related) but that actually distract me from doing my work! The above drawing is based on a photo found at the always delicious Super Underwear Perverts. Below are sketches drawn from a brand new site (to me, anyway) filled with terrific reference pics of anatomy. The poses are digital, meaning they're not real people, but I've yet to see a pose that breaks any rules of anatomy
Check out Posemaniacs and try out the timed/random sketch sessions. Every 30 seconds (set your own time) you get a new pose. Do your best to sketch it up quickly, getting the gesture, etc... OR take a stroll through their cache of 19,440 images, rotate for different angles and build up your visual library of human anatomy. I like that the "models" are means that I'm not distracted by staring at someone's "junk"* and focus, instead, on just drawing! That's important!
These were all drawn on the 45 second setting. You don't have the option of choosing only male poses but, c'mon, we need to draw women just as much as we need to practice drawing men! Right?

p.s. Send links to your own drawings if you check out the site.

* Junk - slang term for a man's privates. I also like to use the term "junkyard" when referring to the entire pelvic region. As in, "I would like to pay a visit to his junkyard."


Unknown said...

"Junkyard." Utterly brilliant!

I'm going to adopt that one, if you don't mind, J.


j. said...

Nickel - By all means! Just remember, you heard it here first ;)


James Figueiredo said...

Hi, J - Great sketches!
I already knew Posemaniacs, but I didn't know the Super Underwear Perverts blog, so thanks for another reference source.

And I will post some links to pose drawins when I have them!


regehitze said...

i havent had time to go to anatomy drawing classes so that sights an awesome alternative. thanks. i like your sketches, they remind me of the old beefcake mags. very fun.

j. said...

James - Your Welcome! Super Underwear Perverts is usually my third stop every morning (after e-mail and Facebook).

Regehitze - Thanks. I've been using Posemaniacs every day as a sort of warm up session. Ten or twelve drawings at 45 seconds each is a good little kick start while I drink my AM coffee. Then it's onto work!

Speaking of which...


Aman Chaudhary said...

Wow! Thanks for the tip on Posemaniacs. What an awesome site!

(Thanks also for "junkyard.")