Thursday, June 03, 2010

Masters Of The Universe™!!

My local chapter of the magnificent Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School recently had a HE-MAN™ theme night! Organizers Brett Despotovich and Katherine Piro did an amazing job putting this together! He-Man's sword was incredible! (not a euphamism) and SKELETOR™ was jaw-dropping! I sketched like a madman trying to get all the energy the models were bringing to the poses. It was like a dream come true! :)
Above is a sketch I made over-top of one of the rougher drawings. You'll see the original below. These aren't by any means all of the drawings, but some of the best. Or at least ones I like the best.



SCARCEXL said...

He-man with a nice hiary chest. YOU can do it! :D

j. said...

Xavier - I don't know...He-Man just doesn't seem the hairy chest type. Although if he did have it, it'd be all light blond and fuzzy. Hmmm...

I always loved that Zodac and Stratos action figures both had hairy chests.


musclsvg said...

Fantstic roughs Bone! Except you left out the new Masters of The Universe super villian, Delineator. This new nemesis has the power to capture the characters of HeMan's other world in rough sketch form and then he makes his victims suffer and wait for finished drawings. Disguised as his alter ego, a Canadian graphic artist, he can transform himself in an instant by raising his stylus overhead and shouting, "By the pencil of great skill!". Even in Eternia, the pen is mightier than the sword. Meanwhile, lowly serfs like myself long to see the finished state of these incredilbe eight drawings. Who knows? Maybe some day we'll be lucky enough to see a self-portait of Delineator. Buff and hard-muscled wielding multiple pens and brushes with an ink and paint stained torso clad in nothing but a "linecloth".

LTruzzi said...

Looking sooooo much forward to see the results!

Javier said...

It's just a personal thing, but I could never get past Skeletor's skull.

I know that was the whole point of the character, but it just looked weird to me, sitting on that bodybuilder frame.

Kinda like Black Manta and his tiny head.

j. said...

Musclsvg - Delineator is a VILLAIN? While I agree completely with description of the Delineator I wonder if he's at least a sympathetic villain. And hopefully a whole lot smarter than any of Skeletor's minions!

LTruzzi - Me too! ;)

Javier - I'm with you (and feel He-Man the cartoon show is mostly to blame for my love of animal-people)...until I saw Skeletor "in the flesh". My goodness, it's impressive. That skull on the hulking massive frame -- pretty damned hot!
Although I'm sure the fact that there was a man under the mask had a lot to do with the hotness factor. Had it been a real skull I would have just been grossed out!


musclsvg said...

Okay. Delineator is not a villian per se. Maybe just a wizard with a taunting attitude. Or an anti-hero who draws hard, hot hunks that leave the rest of us mesmerized and anxiously waiting for the finished product. Please Delineator make that happen soon! And, if you were to include a character concept drawing of yourself...even better!!!

j. said...

Musclsvg - For a look at he delineator -- check out Colby Keller's blog (link in the sidebar). Though not clad in my "line-cloth" I am wearing shorts and comic book t-shirt(s).

;) j.

Brett Despotovich said...

Awesome!! So happy you made it out! We're just happy we managed to pack the house with two male models! Don't think any other Sketchy's around the globe have done that yet.