Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hot Cross Buns!

Here in all it's raw glory is another fantastic coloring job by Michael Wiggam! When I opened the e-mail I nearly overheated! Hot sizzling color bursts from the screen.

Thanks Michael! I love it! Oh, and so does the guy in the original photo on which I based my drawing.



Fehér Zoltán / Zorro de Bianco said...

Amazing job! ;)

musclsvg said...

Talk about taking a hot graphic and turning up the heat! The coloring accentuates the model's taut, sculpted physique and adds to the tension of his arched pose. Then the red drapery on the table makes it look like this stud's hot bod is on a griddle with flames licking up from below. To say it's HOOTTT!!!! seems woefully inadequate. Once again, great job on your drawing Bone and kudos to Michael on his contribution of molten color. It's a good thing this was sent by e-mail, snail mail would have required an asbestos envelope!

Frater Gymnos said...