Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting Sketchy!

I've been enjoying a little break from work recently -- but that doesn't mean I've stopped drawing. I scanned in some of the most recent sketches that have been sitting on my desk. Most were morning warm ups as I sipped coffee and read through e-mails/blogs/picture files!

Below are my studies of straight porn star Cody Cummings! I think he's so dreamy!!
Hope you're all having a great summer/winter depending on where you live.


Mad ZĂ©rro Blog said...

I love yours sckhets!!!

musclsvg said...

Awesome assortment of sketches Bone! This is what you turn out in the morning when you're trying to wake up with a cup of coffee? They're an insight into not only your creative process, but your brain as well. Each one of them deserves to be seen in completed form. Especially the hairy chested dude in the third panel and the buck naked stud on the right in the fourth panel. I have to agree with you on Cody Cummings. He is one hot and sexy hunk of male muscle. The full figure sketch of him could be a double for your hot jungle jock, Lord Rim'ah. We haven't seen him in a while. Has he been captured by an almost equally hot tribe of male natives that want to whorship him as the physical embodiment of their pagan god? Imagine Cody the icon of the cock crazed cult. Talk about your jungle heat!!!