Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

The amazing Michael Wiggam does it again with his stunning colors on my drawings. The first seems a perfect image for a Valentine's Day post! I love the rich red background.
The second is HOT!! The red light up the back of Dwayne's jeans and hitting his headphones is gorgeous! I sent the drawing to DJ/Producer Dwayne and he was thrilled. Check out one of Dwayne's mixes while you get started with your Valentine's Day!



Anonymous said...

The drawing coupled with the coloring makes for a visually stimulating combination. Excellent art, well done, keep them coming!

musclsvg said...

Once again Michael Wiggam more than delivers and what's all ready good gets even better. DJ Dwayne especially. Wiggam's shadings accentuate the sensuous curve and taper of his torso contrasted by the arc of the right arm with it's big gunned bicep and formidable forearm. The hairy chest that becomes a trail downward leads the eye to a bulging, button fly basket of frayed,faded denim that is hard rock erotic. If Dwayne isn't all ready wearing this graphic on a skin tight, black muscle T he's missing a tremendous opportunity for self promotion. Wiggam really scores here, but then he had some great Bone artwork to start.


Insanely amazing artwork. You are unbelievably talented. I am speechless..



Art by Andy Bauer said...

Awesome work!

j. said...

Debbie - Thank you, Debbie. I'll do my utmost :)

Musclsvg - Elegantly eloquent as always. Dwayne actually used this image in a promo video on his Facebook page. He's doing an intense 9 week workout and my image colored by Michael appeared as the "Goal physique as rendered by an artist".

Leonid Gurevich - Grazie. I'm very flattered.

ArtbyAndy - Thanks, man.


dylanio21 said...

Aww yes! I love headphones guy!