Thursday, April 07, 2011

Hairy Beasts!

Two more commissioned drawings for a Toronto buddy. I've drawn quite a few of his pals, all hot hairy beasts :)
The other night I was in the local convenience store and I spotted a very good looking, stout, bearded gentleman. I stared (discreetly ) and stared because...I'm pretty sure I've drawn him. I thought of approaching him and asking if he might just have a black and white drawing of himself hanging on his wall. But...well, the bearded hot daddy look is fairly common in Toronto and it's possible this guy just happens to look like one of the guys I drew. If only I could have seen his tattoos (if he had any). Then I'd have known for sure.

The guy at the top was exaggerated a bit to take on a more Gorilla-like look! I love a good solid cro-mag brow and jutting jaw! Hot!



James Figueiredo said...

Hey, bears! Yay! :D
Beautiful linework, J, LOVE how expressive the first bear looks, particularly.


musclsvg said...

Well it took a while, but these two drawings are well worth the wait. Once again you show the many sides of male sexuality. There's always the blonde adonis or studly sports star that everyone strives for, but these two brutes are the polar opposite. Hard, rough, hairy and incredibly hot! Their furry, feral, unshaven physiques remind us that man is an animal too. And, it always hunting season for leather beasts. Thanks Bone! You bagged a couple of prized trophies here.

Paul said...

Great drawing! Really nice! :)

Paul said...

Great drawing! Really nice! :)

François said...

Hey, nothing to do with this, but I've just seen that you've drawn one of the Retro-Active issues. Congrats on that job, I'll make sure to order a copy.


Ramón k Pérez said...

...are you drawin' pinups of eric white!?

Joe Handsome said...

Great Job! I like muscle too.
I'm following your blog
May you visit my blog? It was started. Thanks

j. said...

James - The request for the first bear was that he look slightly Gorrilla-ish :) I kinda wanted to make draw him squatting or beating his chest like a gorilla but he still needed to be Beefcakey...

Musclsvg - Thank you! I should apologize for not being very attentive to my blog. I haven't had as much time to draw the beef as I'd like. Glad you like these guys!

Paul - Thanks, man.

François - Thank you so much. I was thrilled to be asked. The issue is done (and is the main reason I haven't been able to update in a while). Drawing Wonder Woman has taken up a big chunk of this month. But I'm working on some beefcake even now.

Joe Handsome - There seems to be an error in your first post. I can't see the art, but I will check back later to see your work! Thanks for following my blog.