Monday, May 30, 2011

Man Doodles!

Today - a few sketches from guys I saw out at the bar over the weekend. The new Daddy Next Door image is out as well (that's the event run by DJ Dwayne Minard here in Toronto). I'll post the art on Thursday!



Toon_Terror said...

wow! it never fails, even i sketch form ur drawings are super hawt lol. u truly are talented, i hope to aspire to be like u lol

Anonymous said...

LOVE your work!

musclsvg said...

Damn Bone!!! No one can draw a broad shouldered, hairy chested stud with great pecs like you. The partial figure study of the well muscled, hirsute hunk in his jockey brief has to be included amongst your hottest sketches. What are the chances of seeing it in a finished form? I'm surprised you don't have to get a game warden's license to handle all of these muscle beasts! Here are five new specimens to add to your all ready large "man-agerie". What an excellent and "pleasurable" posting!

j. said...

Toon Terror - Thanks, TT. Best thing to do is just keep drawing. Simple as that :)

Debbie - :)

Musclsvg - "Man-agerie" That'd be a great name for a book/collection of drawings.


buff said...

Sure wish I was man doodled!!!