Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hawaiian Punch!

This volcanic beast is another commission (for the same Toronto buddy for whom I've now done...many drawings...all of hot hairy men) I wanted to color this one just to play around with the volcano as a light source. It was my attempt at some of what Michael Wiggam does so wonderfully. Don't worry, Michael, I still need you! You're far better at rendered coloring than I'll ever be :)



musclsvg said...

Bone, is there no end to your talent?!?! Speaking as one who has long awaited the demise of the boardshort's popularity, you have achieved the impossible. You've made them look as sexy and molten hot as the lava spewing from the volcano in the background. Of course it doesn't hurt that they're slung from the loins of the island god you've created. He quite a specimen! The volcano underlighting his physique while the moonlight plays across his flexed arms and broad, boulder shoulders is freakin' fantastic! This is one killer kane. Mahalo!!!

Anonymous said...

Fun image, and I love the detail in the tattoo. I need to visit Hawaii.

j. said...

Musclsvg - I get to cheat a little in drawing...rarely do board shorts fit so closely. Only when they're wet do they follow the contours of such a perfectly round butt.

Scott - Send me a postcard when you get there!

:) j.