Thursday, September 08, 2011

Biff! Pow! Color!

First color drawing from the recent (and last) Dr. Sketchy's session. Robin's hairy tummy and furry legs. The model Robin's...not my drawing of Robin.

More to come.



SCARCEXL said...

Yes, that's very nice to see the young one very hairy and the older one smooth, usually it is the opposite. That adds something to the pice for sure! :)

musclsvg said...

Very fun and funky depiction of the Dynamic Duo. It's great to see the Caped Crusader sans shirt and the bat tattooed across his broad, chiseled pecs is hot! It would be great if the Boy Wonder showed more skin than just his hairy legs. Something like the last drawing in your previously posted sketchbook where he's tied barechested to a chair while Batman confronts his shadowy captor. No doubt the villian was using our hero's sidekick as bait. The fiend wouldn't be the first male with plan's for the crime fighter's "Bat Pole". ZAP!!! BANG!!! POW!!! Great job Bone!!!

j. said...

Xavier - It's very true. In Toronto, though, there is a resurgence of body hair on the young men (especially beards, which made their comeback quite a few years ago). I approve :)

Musclsvg - Ha! That shirtless, tied up sketch of Robin is the very next one I intend to finish. I've got so many fun drawings from all of this Summer's Dr. Sketchy's sessions it's hard to choose.