Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gus Brock and Jett Vector!

I've been negligent and not posting on my blog. And I feel the shame of it. It's not that I haven't been drawing -- I have. But I've been drawing for work (and having a lot of fun) which has not allowed for spare time drawing or any un-work related drawing of any kind.
So today I bring you the art of Gus Brock.
Gus drew a movie poster style image of Jett Vector complete with hunky sidekick (wait'll you see who) and sexy lady alien! Click on through to check out Gus' drawing and his process.

And I promise that once my work is done I'll be back to drawing beefcake and posting here.
And a Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.


musclsvg said...

Thanks for the Thanksgiving Day treat Bone! Your link to Gus Brock's blogspot turned out to be a feast for the eyes. He does so many great things with Jett Vector. There's no such thing as too much Jett! Glad you're happily busy even though that means fewer postings here. Still I'm thankful for what you are able to do on the internet. Belated Happy Thanksgiving! to you. I know you Canadians celebrate earlier.

Javier said...

We will hold you to that promise. :)

j. said...

musclsvg - We do indeed celebrate October, in fact. I don't know why we feel the need to have two pumpkin Holidays in the same month. I much prefer Hallowe'en to Thanksgiving. Though we could mash the two and dress up in costume for Thanksgiving dinner - and call it Thankowe'en!

Javier - I like to be held. :)

I was told just recently that the Guy a Day period of this blog was much loved and should make a return. It was surprisingly tough to draw a guy a day (that was something more than just a doodle). But perhaps...perhaps in the New Year I'll give it another go.