Friday, June 22, 2012

Life Drawing Digitally.

Cleaning my apartment the other day I found a stack of old life drawings. I snapped photos of the sketches before getting rid of them and decided I'd use them as the basis for warm-up drawings. Digital warm-up drawings! I've been messing around in Photoshop with my Wacom, mostly producing sketchy stuff not worth sharing. But I liked how this one turned out, just playing with lit sides and very little detail.
Kinda reminds me of black velvet artwork :)



George G said...

I've been struggling with that recently, the fact that often I post for the sake of posting whether it was 'worth sharing' or not. But of course that's the point of my blog anyhow - I HAVE to post a drawing for everyday, bad or good, to keep drawing daily regardless of subject or polish (2000+ posts later!). Some art instructors I've met rationalize that it shows my process, which they say is important...

By the way, every morning I wake up to your pin-up guy print at the foot of my bed. :)

Javier said...

Ah yes... black velvet painting. Growing up close to Tijuana, we would go every weekend.

The top three sellers were Elvis, a kneeling, kissing naked couple, or a topless black woman with a big afro.

Is it any wonder I have developed such exquisite taste?

MPH said...

Neat, J.! I've been using more and more digital programs in my production, but haven't yet crossed the Rubicon into digital drawing. What kind of Wacom tablet do you use/have?
Love the drawings, too.