Monday, September 17, 2012

Anti-Bullying Campaign!

This weekend in Toronto I'll be participating in an art show open house. The event is called POWERHAUS and takes place at Glad Day Bookshop. The show runs from this Sunday 23rd of September to October 23rd. Click on Powerhaus to see the Facebook event listing.

I was fortunate in that I wasn't bullied as a kid. Not that I was out gay back in high school, but I wasn't even bullied for being a nerd, wearing glasses, or having braces. However...I did have fantasies like the ones I drew here...and that last panel almost, sort of happened. Actually the guy asked me to draw a naked lady for him. And I did. :)

Also, I noticed that I drew two crowd scenes of people exclaiming how awesome I...I mean, My Superhero counterparts, am/are. I draw my own applauding audience. What does that say about my need for approval? Let's not psychoanalyze, shall we.

If you're in Toronto come by the show. Several local artists are taking part and from what I've seen there's some amazing art going up. The show runs for a month so even if you miss the opening night you can still see the art and visit Toronto's famous Glad Day Bookshop.



Javier said...

Oh I think you need to draw the NEXT three panels.

So is all the art for sale or is just a gallery showing?

j. said...

Javier - That's exactly what one of my buddies said. He'd like to know what the Jock wore when he posed for the drawing.
I believe all of the art is for sale. My piece, an 11" x 17" ink illustration, is priced at $350.


musclsvg said...

Great job, Bone! Once again proving that the pen, or pencil, is mightier than the sword. This speaks to everybodies' need for approval and acceptance. All though it's more difficult when you're keeping a secret about your sexuality. And, snide remarks and whispered rumors can be just as tormenting as physical abuse. I like the way you chose three different superheroes, but you only hint at your very own super power in the last frame. Your graphic sense and ability to draw. The physical menace of a knuckle dragging jarhead is useless when captured and controled by your pencilpoint. Yet you don't denegrate them. That says a lot. I must admit that of your three personas the idea of you as a gamma radiated transformant is quite intriguing. It would be fantastic to see a self portrait of yourself changing into a huge, hardbodied hulk. Bursting out of your clothes until your left in just skin tight, tattered trousers. The green skin is optional. Your call.

j. said...

Musclsvg - The Hulk was who I most wanted to become when I was a teen. I was tired of my scrawny body. I even joined a gym in high school but could never really put on any muscle mass. Now, of course, I understand that turning into the Hulk would have made me a bully...but back then it was a great way to fantasize dealing with anger issues.