Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rim'ah, Jungle King!

 With apologies to Musclsvg for missing his birthday, here's a R'IMA mock cover. I flipped back through my blog to provide links for past R'ima drawings and only now realized that I named him "Rim'ah". But I've already scanned the pencil art with shorter let's just call that temporary amnesia (or laziness). He'll be "Rim'ah" when I get a chance to finish this "cover".
I figured I'd share the rough drawing with you as well because that's always fun. As I was drawing this I wished I had a model handy to take on Rim'ah's pose for me. Not for dirty/sexy reasons but because that's a hard pose to draw.
Okay...maybe for a couple of dirty/sexy little reasons...but I swear it's all in the name of art.

So Happy Belated, Musclsvg!



musclsvg said...

Thanks Bone!!! This is probably one of my best bithday presents, EVER! And RIMA it is. Much easier to spell and type. You've not only captured the jungle god, but also the excitement that is the hallmark of his legend. I'm amazed that you incorporated all the elements that I suggested. The stalk and seizure of Rima by the all male tribe, The Adonai, and his transport back to their lost city. Your manzons(like amazons, but all male) are fantastic! Their all but naked, hard muscled and erotic physiques bedizened with primitive and precious jewels and metals. Perfect right down to the oversized earrings that set off their latern jaws and their ultra high and tight tribal haircuts. Your layout has a tremendous depth of field. Starting with the coiled reptile in the foreground to the distant temple where Rima and his captors are bound. The viper may well be a clue to the Adonai culture. A sect that worships an all powerful reptile god and reveres snakes as sacred. By ancient methods and dark magic they enslave using the the thick, milky "venom" of the flesh and blood serpernts of their captives. Subjecting their prisoners to sadistic tortures to break them and then re-training them by punishing physical conditioning until they are warriors worthy to be added to their number. This is how the all male society has survived since it's long shrouded origin. Who knows? What we see in the foreground may be the high priest taken reptile form. Pleased to see that his orders have been followed to the letter. Rima looks concerned. Understandable as he's probably just awakened from the blow dart's drug that took him down. Now he finds himself bound and suspended from a hunting pole like a fallen lion. It would be great to see him regarding his captors with a defiant look. These savages don't know what they're in for. Afterall, Rima is more beast than man and will not be broken and subjugated without a colossal conflict. Thanks again, Bone. It's more than I could have imagined. Please don't make us wait too long to see the finished cover. I know it's going to be feral and fantastic!

Javier said...

Someone is excited :)

Mr. Bone, could you talk a little about the whole "rough drawing" thing. How much time do you spend on it and do they ever turn into the real thing? Just wondering because it has always fascinated me that an artist would make such a detailed sketch and then basically start from scratch again. That and how close the final and the rough sketch match each other proportionately.

SCARCEXL said...

This snake look suspicious! :p

j. said...

Muscslvg - You must be a writer :) As for the continuation of the adventure - I imagine Rim'ah kicking some bared Manzon butt.

Incidentally, another reason for a name correction is that DC owns the rights to "Rima The Jungle Girl". Not wanting to incur their wrath I've got to stick with "Rim'ah"

Javier - The rough you see was actually my second rough. I sketch out my ideas for a cover in very loose scribbles. From those sketches I rough up a larger drawing, the rough you see posted. And then the second image (which I still consider quite rough) is drawn on a light-box, basically tracing the rough drawing, correcting anatomy, adjusting composition, etc...

The actual drawings are 8.5" x 11".

Xavier - He's definitely hungry. ;)


musclsvg said...

Thanks for the compliment. I'm not a writer by trade. Just a guy with an active imagination and a keyboard. I really enjoyed putting my comment together. Hope it wasn't too long. Truth by known, I think "Rim'ah" is hotter. I was just up for whatever made your job easier.

Thanks again for a great birthday present, Bone. You and your artwork are really the best! I know you're busy, but I anxiously await the finsished cover. If it lives up to the promise of the rough sketch, my computer screen will probably explode. None the less, I'm willing to chance it