Monday, October 15, 2012

Bait and Tackle!

Out shopping the other day I saw these two guys trying on hip-waders (thigh to waist high boots for standing in rivers when fishing, for those not in the know :) Both were scruffy, trim bodied country boys just naturally sexy. I took a mental picture and present the drawing here for you. A drawing is a poor substitute for reality - but then a drawing will never look at ya funny for staring.

Stare away.



musclsvg said...

It's always intriguing watching men doing manly things, isn't it Bone? It's a perspective granted to us guys who dig guys. As for your drawing, it's in no way a poor substiture. It's great and a real springboard for the imagination. Just think of those guys after they bought their thigh high boots and got them home. Switching into sleeveless, plaid, flannel shirts showing their big guns hewn from hard, physical labor. Unbuttoned and framing muscular torsos. Thick, rounded pecs forested with dark chest hair that descends into a dark, brambled trail that snakes through the field stone abs of slim, taut waists. Then imagine them pulling on the thigh high boots that fit snug about their tall timbered quads. Just that the shirts and the boots. Okay, maybe some worn John Dehr caps to set off their bearded, lantern jaws. I know you don't allow full fontal nudity on your blog, so my musing will have to be my poor substitue for the way I'm sure you'd draw these rugged, well endowed "wood"smen. It wouldn't be the first time I left your blog with my own mental images inspire by your pen.

BTW, how's the cover art of Lord Rim'ah as the bound captive of the muscular manzons, the Adonai, cumming? Uh, make that coming.

j. said...

Muscslvg - Once again you take my meager drawings and spin a delightful yarn I only wish were true.
As for Rim'ah, he's been put on hold while I work on some paid stuff, unfortunately. I'll try to slip in some inks while inking the pages of this latest project.