Monday, November 05, 2012

Scruff Sketch!

My schedule! Oh, my schedule! Lately I've been quite busy and any drawing time is spent on work. But a guy needs breaks from drawing superheroes and the Mayor of Toronto (I'll talk about that stuff when I can). So I've been sketching guys on popular "dating" apps in between pages. Just loose sketches, mind you. No time yet to finish any of the drawings. But it's good brain-freeing, arm-loosening exercise and it gives me something to share with all of my patient blog viewers :)



Javier said...

So nice to see a new post :)

The crosshatching kinda gives this guy an Iron Jaw vibe.

musclsvg said...

Nice work on the flexed bicep in the foreground, Bone. Even so, there's always a detail in your drawings, even the rough ones, that sells it for me. This time it's the curve of this musclebeast's butt and the line descending forward from it. It could be the waistband on his skivvies, jock or Speedo. Or his cum gutters. Still, it's very erotic. Great job!

j. said...

Javier - In college I discovered Al Hirschfeld. He did a drawing of an actor with a five o'clock shadow and simply cross-hatched along the jawline. I've always remembered that very easy technique and love using it as scruff short-hand.

Musclvg - I'm drawing on instinct when I sketch...and since I find both the line of waistband AND "cum gutters" sexy that line could easily be either :)

Thanks for hanging in, guys. I'm nearing the end of the project that is currently keeping me insanely busy and will post more after.