Friday, December 07, 2012

Strip Tease!

What? A Friday update? I scanned this yesterday (Thursday) and then got busy drawing stuff (The Rocketeer) and forgot to post this drawing. I really like how this turned's part of a larger image but the rest just didn't look good enough to share. Soon, though.

Okay...back to the Rocketeer!



dylanio21 said...

You should post your secrets to drawing such great clothing!

j. said...

Dylanio21 - But then they wouldn't be secrets ;)

p.s. I do a lot of drawing from life. Which includes drawing people with clothes on as well as off. I have sketchbooks full. That's the secret.

musclsvg said...

You never cease to amaze, Bone! This sketch is so angular right down to the studs rectangular nipples, but what really makes it for me is the sensuous curve of the studs stretching physique. Your eye is immediately drawn to his shifted hips and package. While great on it's own, I'm really curious to see where he fits in the context of the larger work. I hope your work on "The Rocketeer" goes well and quickly so that we can find out. Plus, you've been monster busy of late and deserve a break and a rest. Hopefully the holidays? Thanks for the posting.

Javier said...

Yes, those nipples!... great style, man. Would be great to look into the the sketchbooks full of drawings.