Friday, January 25, 2013

Back to Front!

Whew! I love drawing comics but I'm telling can be tiring. Not tiring like rescuing people from a burning building or construction work (mmm...firemen and construction workers). It's not like a noble pursuit working for the greater good. It's just, for me anyway, a lot of late nights and trying not to repeat myself on page layout, panel composition and figure posing.
And nothing points out an artist's inability to draw a good likeness better than drawing a roomful of 1930s Hollywood stars and not even being able to get a recognizable Katherine Hepburn. Oof!

In between figuring out what makes Jimmy Stewart look like Jimmy Stewart I sketch muscled men to boost my morale :)



Javier said...

A room full of Hollywood stars? Please tell me that Cary Grant and Randolph Scott are sitting with each other next to the picture window... or Joel McCrea is dressed in his native costume from Bird of Paradise... or Gary Cooper.. or Errol Flynn... or

musclsvg said...

"...boost your morale"? Say there's a euphemisn I've never heard before. Both of these guys are greaat! Classic in form and erotically cut. They look like the preliminary sketches for some ancient bronzes. It's ironic(no pun intended) that two such fine specimens should result from your fatigue. One can only imagine the eroticism of your total exhaustion. Thanks, Bone. Try and get some rest, but not too much. We wouldn't want drawings like these to stop.

j. said...

Javier - I hadn't thought about Randolph Scott until the pages were nearly done. The scenes I'm drawing are in the third issue of the Rocketeer comic I'm drawing. I have the main actors from The Philadelphia Story in a scene together (though, as I say, I cringe at my inability to draw likeness).

Musclsvg - Indeed! :) Usually these are drawn when I'm feeling creatively run down. When I've been penciling and inking for hours at a time and just need to hit refresh. Out comes the beefcake.

I also like to draw bosomy women, as I may have pointed out before. In fact, and this may surprise you, my default doodle is almost always a curvy woman.


Doc said...

But you did a great Nick and Nora!

Elder Ferreira said...

You have talent :)