Friday, June 21, 2013

I got your back.

Sketch based on a photo. I've got to start writing down a reference for the photo because I don't remember who the model is. I'm pretty sure it's on my Tumblr though.
Such a nice bum. :)



Javier said...

Very nice.
The face and head look like something out of one of those old art store "How to draw..." books.

Have always been partial to that jutted jaw/mushy mouth combo.

And he has the reverse WW thing going on his back.

And just as I thought, I looked him up on the Tumber, the model has less mystery. Your hair is better :)

SCARCEXL said...

Javier: that's the downside with Jason drawings: men are cuter than in reality (which doesn't mean that the model is ugly, no no, only that Jason men drawings will always be cuter than any men in real). That's magic! :)

humbuged said...

What's your tumblr? :D

j. said...

Javier - Nice of you to say! Thank you. I recently got an original Famous Artist coursebook and have been marveling at the level of talent artists used to have access to.
As for the model, I'm going to have to start posting model and drawing side-by-side. In this instance I believe I was going after the curve of his back, arms and buttocks. The face is probably less the model, more me.

Lancel - Thank you as well. I like that the two "Javier/Xavier"'s are in agreement :)
If only I had a magic pen that brought drawings to life. But then my apartment would be filled with hairy, tattooed men of unnatural proportions.


j. said...

Humbuged - My Tumblr is
I haven't been able to update my links column on blogger for quite some time, or else I'd have it over there.

Actually there are quite a few dead links which I haven't been able to delete. Oh, Blogger.


j. said...

Update - Okay. I take that back. I have added my Tumblr to Reference/Photography.
My Tumblr, like my blog, is kinda PG 13-ish. Nudity, but nothin' too dirty ;)

Liran Raviv said...
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