Friday, July 28, 2006

Life Drawing! part 2

Today is life drawing day! My day to day work has kept me from producing any pin-up material so I'll share some more of my life drawings...which, once again, contain nudity. I remember really liking this guy's face for all of its nooks and crannies. I don't think I was particularly flattering with my caricature of him in the last image but I always feel there is no harm done if the model never sees the drawing.

For the curious among you I'll tell you that I draw with PITT brand markers by Faber Castell. I like doing life drawing with the sepia and slightly lighter flesh coloured pens. No under drawing or anything in pencil (you can see in the second image how much "searching" I did before finding the right lines). All are drawn in an 8.5 x 11" coil bound sketch book. It's just so much easier to manage than big ol' life drawing pads!

I feel bad not showing you something more substantial today so I'll close by suggesting that you check out MeatCute for the interview with Luc LaTulipe! I think Luc's art is just plain terrific (especially the image of the two guys making'll have to follow the link to see the one I mean;) There's tons of other great stuff at MeatCute as well.

I bid thee all adieu, and hope you're all having as great a summer as I am!



Alden V said...

great figure drawings!!! so much life and personality

C.Edwards said...

Oh, thanks for the shout out, Bone!

JustMe said...

Nice figure drawing studies. I love doing life drawing with sepia colored pens as well. I'm always impressed when artists TRY to capture the face and personality of the models. I try to do that when I can.

j. said...

Alden V - Thanks.

Klahd - My pleasure. Without great sites like yours I'd still think that Tom of Finland was the only gay artist in existence! (I kid...but only slightly...)

Justin - I figure getting a sort of likeness comes with being a cartoonist. Life drawings with no face and mitten hands are no longer acceptable. But, again, I would hesitate to show the model lest they react poorly to my likeness.

And I'd add that I always find the better looking a model is the harder he/she is to draw...especially to get a likeness of. Anyone else find that to be the case?


PORK-PIE said...

great sketches! and thanks for the plug bro! :P

Unknown said...

yeah these are great figure drawings. I love how you used the passages to define the volume of the figure.

JustMe said...

I agree with you. Usually the more "attractive" someone's face is, the more wholly generic it is proportionally. Every once in a while, I'll see someone strikingly un-proportional on the subway, and get an intense urge to draw them because they look so...unusual. (Of course that competes with staring at all the cute guys, too)