Monday, July 17, 2006

Phat! Vivisector! X-Statix!

Boy, I realize now just how safe I played this one! :) Voltaire anticipated something "naughty under the covers" and then drew up this cool, and sexy take on our favourite super-duo! I hope, Voltaire, that you don't mind me linking to your drawing but I think it's swell! (And, oddly enough, I was going to do a shower scene with the guys but opted insted for the classic "standing around" pose). I'll have to do another drawing to redeem myself.

I couldn't resist having Phat fat-up at least a little of his body, especially with Myles in wolf mode. It's too bad the X-Statix had to end...on the other hand it was nice that they went out on a high note. I always hate when my favourite characters get taken over by another writer and/or artist and I don't like the new approach. Cheers to Mike Allred and Peter Milligan for creating Phat and Vivisector!

Francois, I hope it was worth the wait! Trust me, there'll be more drawings of these two! And if I ever find it I'll post the photo of me dressed as Myles posing with a girl I met at a convention who was dressed as Dead Girl.

Also, I was reading Patrick Fillion's Boytoons blog yesterday and saw that he'd listed me among his top Five Blogs of Note! Thanks Patrick! Check out Boytoons! It's a great way to find new man-art on the net! For those of you used to my tameness be warned that there is nudity! ;)




Fran├žois said...

It's very cute :)
I really like your Vivisector, he's sexy and elegant.

Voltaire, if you're reading this, your version is really sexy too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks j and Francois. j, I love yours and no I really don't mind you linking to's an honor. Oh and my Phat's also just can see it ;) .

Alden V said...

Great stuff!!! I love the inkwork!!!

j. said...

Francois - Thanks. Like I said, I'll have to do another with a little more sex appeal.

Voltaire - You are a dirty bird ;) I was going to ask "what happened to your blog?" but now I see you've got two of them! Nicely done!

Alden V - Gracias! I like the drawings on your blog.


Alden V said...

thanks, great stuff again!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've really started getting into this blogging thing recently (I'm a late bloomer) since I broke my leg two weeks ago. Blogging consumes me now.

Luc said...

Great work as always! I got into X-statix too late.. missed out on all the good stuff.

Fran├žois said...

If you want to find the series, it's all been collected in tpbs:
And the X-Force issues were, too: and