Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's Aquaman!

Happy Day After Halloween! This was meant to be my Halloween day post but Blogger wasn't uploading my pictures yesterday. So I updated to Blogger Beta and suddenly everything is easier (I apologize for any extra signing in of things you may have to do...especially when it comes to posting comments...I LOVE comments!)

So what does Aquaman have to do with Halloween. Well, he's wearing the colours of a pumpkin! Isn't that enough?

I think pretty much everyone who checks out my blog reads comics or has seen the Superfriends cartoon so I don't have to explain the joke. Even though he's stuck on monitor duty I wanted to give Aquaman the respect he deserves with a proper pin-up! I love Aquaman! His costume is great, he's got a great swimmers build, he commands the creatures of the seas and his early stories were drawn by the brilliant Ramona Fradon!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. It's pretty much my favourite holiday.



C.Edwards said...

What a great pic, he's like "Even when I'm bored as hell, I'm still sexy as fuck."

Love it.

Matt said...

I always thought Animalman and Aquaman would make a good team (or a cute couple!).

Anonymous said...

Aaa, he looks so hot...I love this.

And yeah, Aquaman and Animalman are both insanely hot blonde Justice Leaguers.

I fell in love with Aquaman when I first saw him standing on the back of a whale on the last page of Justice League America #34 as done by Adam Hughes.

Animalman's standout scene was from an issue of Justice League Europe in which the entire team were receiving signals to assemble and it showed all the members in their day-to-day lives and Buddy was busy putting on his costume while standing around in nothing but a pair of tightie-whities.

I warrant Adam Hughes and Bart Sears (don't even get me started on his rendition of Captain Atom's shiny ass) for making me a little bit gay.

j. said...

klahd - That's awesome dialogue. I like when a guy doesn't know he's sexy just by scratching his abs or the way he stretches revealing just a peak of skin.

matt - Y'know, I'm not all that familiar with Animal Man. I know he had a Vertigo series at one point. I'm intrigued enough to Google him.

voltaire - Bart Sears drew some incredible (if a little overexaggerated) anatomy. I loved his stuff at one point. There's a great scene in X-O Man of War with the main character stripping out of his body suit pool-side. I always wondered if Bart were gay with his over muscled super-men and his women looked like men in drag.

Thanks guys!

Nerone said...

Hi J.
I´ve been following your blog for some time now and would like to let you know that I like your illustrations very much. They are so charming and have a very good sense of humor. Your life drawings are beautiful and give me a sensation of intimacy that I find very nice.
And, about the Aquaman, I´ve never realized he was so hot!


Matt said...

I hear you're working on the Spirt with Darwyn Cooke. Is that true? If it is, congratulations!

j. said...

Nerone - Thanks. I recommend checking out the artwork of Ramona Fradon who drew Aquaman in his early years. Her art is lush and beautiful...and she drew a very handsome Aquaman.

Matt - 'Tis true and thanks. I love working with Darwyn. I think the Batman/Spirit comes out the end of November! :)