Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Wild One!

Over the next few weeks I'm gonna roll out some pin-ups on the same theme. Just for fun I'm not going to tell you the theme :) Won't it be fun and interactive to play a guessing game. Odds are pretty good the "game" will begin and end with this post because, frankly, you guys are some smart cookies and this particular drawing is full of clues.
p.s. Oh yeah...Happy New Year!


Andrew W said...

Very nice! I think I know what the theme might be, because I am this one, but I won't be any of the others. :)

Matt said...

oh, you beat me to it. Great drawing by the way, can't wait to see mine...

j. said...

Andrew and Matt - Thanks, guys, for keeping your rightness vague :) Let me know when I hit yours, Matt.

Francois - Happy New Year, to you. I like that you're an optimist...clothes-half-off kind of guy.

Even though this guy's fully clothed (skin tight tho' it is) I'd hoped that someone would notice the knees are blown out of his favourite pair of jeans. ;)


Paul Conrad said...

Looking forward to mine.... :)

Happy New Year!

Nickel said...

Great stuff! Looking forward to seeing the rest of this series. Like the other guys, I'm eager to see mine as well -- though I tend not be attracted to others who are, shall we say, the same one as I am.

Who'm I kidding? I have a feeling I'll enjoy all of the men who'll eventually appear.

(By the way, I'm a fan who found you through Dudetube. I don't think I've spoken up before. But thanks so much for taking the time to share your work.)


Unknown said...

Great drawing as always J.. Looking forward to seeing the others in this series. he's definitely a man's man. Love that fur.

Happy New Year!

j. said...

Yancy - Let me know when I get to it!

Nickel - It's a funny thing, this...theme. I find I'm usually attracted to the same "type". And I, myself, am told I don't act like the bossy king of beasts that I should! :)

Carlos - Thanks. I have to stop myself from drawing body hair...not everyone HAS to be hairy! I guess...


best to all,