Friday, February 16, 2007

All Hail the Jungle King!

The mystery is no longer mysterious...the secret is out! The last six posts have been Beefcake interpretations of the Signs of the Zodiac. The first was Scorpio, then Virgo, Capricorn (not Pisces as was commonly thought...more on that when Pisces is done:), Aries, Taurus, Cancer and now Leo. Being my sign I really wanted something special, not that I feel I've shortchanged anyone on the other signs...I mean that I took into consideration what I would want to hang on my own wall!

Salutes to Carlos and Francois...heck, you've all been asking for more flesh and here it is :)

Incidentally, Leo was one of the first images I came up with which led to the idea of drawing all the Horoscopes. I pictured the King of the Jungle with a big mane of hair and necklace made of teeth. He's maybe not leonine enough when it comes right down to it. But I believe there will be other versions of this "character".



Luc said...

Hey, come on, you can draw a bigger package than THAT! LOL! Great work buddy. :)

Andrew W said...

Brilliant. I love it. This and Scorpio are my favourites, I think.

Skullossus said...

That's a wicked drawing but I had no idea you were into mullets?!

j. said...

Luc - He is the flattest of all the guy's I've drawn so far...but that's because it's all hanging behind his right leg! ;)

Andrew W - Thanks, man.

King of Hearts - C'mon now you, a hockey fan, of all people should know what a mullet looks like. It has to be short front and sides. Leo's hair is more akin to a Farrah. Dick!



Matt said...

I've been eagerly awaiting your take on my sign. MEOW!
I'm so pleased you went with the king of the jungle theme instead of the typical lion imagery.

Your entry for the "Ultimate 100" was great too!

zpeedy said...

Glad you have finally mentioned the Zodiac. I had wanted to say that I am a Cancer and that sign is usually short changed in these types of things. I didn't feel that way this time (and thought the crab itself was very cute. )

I am a bit torn on this one, Very sexy guy, but while the scruffy beard does play to the lion idea, it might be part of what keeps him from looking like classic Tarzan (who was always clean shaven.)

Also the spear takes him into caveman territory. Tarzan used a knife. I know that might sound nit picky but I think that it would place the character more, not to mention open up a certain area of the image :)

But an attractive brute nonetheless.

(I had the biggest crush on TV Tarzan Ron Ely)

Fran├žois said...

Wow. What a cute, manly guy.
I think he's more attractive than the classic Tarzan.

And, uh, did you place that spear on purpose or is that an unconscious wish on your part? :)

Skullossus said...

Okay, sorry, I stand corrected. I thought that hockey hair was just short in front long in back. I didn't think the sides mattered one way or the other. Especially because Michael Bolton is always described as having a classic horrible mullet and he's got just bangs.

On the positive side, I remember when you used to hate drawing hair because it always looked like a helmet. Now your hair is flowing and luxurient! Nice!

j. said...

Matt - Thanks, man. I intentionally steered clear of anything really Liony! Glad it works for you! And the Ultimate Spidey thing was fun! Thanks.

Zpeedy - Good points...and I won't argue because you sound like a big fan of Tarzan! :) However I will say that it never made sense to me that Tarzan would shave. With what did he shave? And why? Apes don't shave. As for knife vs. spear see Francois keen observation. Glad you dug the Cancer!
Oh, my personal favourite Tarzan is Miles O'Keefe from the Bo Derek movie. Hot, hot, hot!

Francois - The spear? I'm not sure I get what you mean! *wink*

King of Hearts - Bolton's hair was short at the sides and, because of a receding hairline, shortish on top. And now Michael Bolton's ears are burning. Googling his own name will lead him here! And thank you for complimenting the hair.


zpeedy said...

Yes, but your King of the Jungle does shave. Or else he would have a full beard instead of that scruffy, stylish 5 o'clock shadow. :)

Unknown said...

J, he's fantastic! Love all that fur. Leo's my rising sign, so I'll claim this guy along with the Viking from a few weeks ago. (My moon's in Sagittarius . . . eager to see what you'll do there as well.)

By the way: I picked up Mutant, Texas at my local library a couple weeks ago. I loved it. You're right, that Sheriff Brunt is a nice piece of beefcake, even though he's not exactly normal. My only regret is that you couldn't sneak in a nice full-frontal torso shot once Ida Red finally zaps him . . .

Also picked up the Spiderman title you suggested (great work!) and a current issue of The Spirit (also good stuff!). I've begun pointing you out to friends! Looking forward to more of the same, both here and on the shelves at the comic store.

C.Edwards said...

YOWZA! That's great.

Looking forward to Gemini...

Unknown said...

J, that is definitely one king of the jungle!
Great illustration as always, love he fur on this guy and the scruffy unshaven face. Really like the way the background makes the green in his eyes stand out.

Oh yeah, love the spear placement! :D
Looking forward to Gemini!