Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sunshine Day!

This guy was tough, let me tell you. I drew him first with a lot less clothing...but the anatomy was awkward. I tried to fix him a few times but in the end the best solution was to use clothing to hide the mistakes (hopefully their hidden). I actually really like the t-shirted version more. I think it's more colourful.
I know how much you guys like skin so I'll post 'em both and let you judge for youselves whether the addition of clothing was a good thing


Skullossus said...

I don't see any glaring errors with the shirtless anatomy but I think the top one does have more character. I'm surprised there's a star on his shirt and not a moon. You're right that the blue backgrounds do work even on the sand, possibly aided by the sandy tone of the shirt?

zpeedy said...

Its funny. That was exactly what I was going to suggest for this particular guy. As far as the clothing, I prefer less clothing, but perhaps the board shorts are a better match than the speedo, as he should have a bit of surfer in him. So my vote is for half and half.

So are we going to see a Sparklettes Water guy?

Eric said...

Perhaps you didn't need to put in his abs. Just take out those 3 lumps and the shirtless one will look fine.

Great drawings!

C.Edwards said...




Fran├žois said...

Yeah, the clothed one works better.
The naked one looks like he can rotate on his hips :)

j. said...

King of Hearts - The star element is a design thing I had on the girl version and just added it when I put the guy in a shirt...and I confess I didn't do much research as far as planetary influences or emotional characteristics.

Zpeedy - I prefer the board shorts, too. I'm sure he's often had a little surfer in him! *wink-wink*
I wasn't familiar with Sparkletts water but I get your meaning. I'm still undecided on what to do with that was going to be a fireman and then I thought of a sailor...hmmm

Eric - You may be right. Sometimes I wish had a model to pose this stuff out for me!

j. said...

Klahd - Thanks, guy. But isn't it fun sometimes to undress them with your eyes?

Francois - That's exactly the anatomy problem I could see but not correct. The hips look wrong. It's one of those "best of both worlds" shots so common among the female pin-up crowd. But those Image boys perfected the ability to show full frontal and full Backal! Genius!!

Thanks again, guys.

C.Edwards said...

Yes, Bone. It is indeed fun to undress them with your eyes sometimes...and usually, in reality, a little clothing makes a guys body look better.

Did you ever think the give the guy a shirt, but keep the speedo? Those legs look great.

Fran├žois said...

"Genius" is not a word I usually associate with the early Image stuff :)

Klahd, it's funny, but I would have said the contrary: I find the lowered short sexier than the speedo.

Drazen said...

Great Stuff J.
The Wild One is my favourite still

Unknown said...

Another excellent post J. I'm definitely enjoying this series and look forward to seeing mine. Maybe we'll see two boys (or some furry chested men, my personal fave) together for our viewing pleasure.


I like both of these but would probably go with a third version, a combination of the two, shirtless but with the swim trunks. It kind of reminds me of those old Coppertone sunscreen ads with the little girl's diaper being tugged on by the puppy except these are sexy rather than cute.

Unknown said...

They're all right... But, I miss the READ hair :°(... Why did you change it, for the red of the crab? And the shirtless + trunks idea might be a really sexy one.