Monday, June 11, 2007

Ape King: Part Two!

So, I'm in my very first big gallery show!

I was invited by Glen Hanson to contribute some art to the TOONFETISH exhibit at the Antebellum gallery. I feel pretty honoured to be included, to say the least. If you check out the list of contributing artists you'll find the talent level is pretty gee-golly high! :)

Rick Castro, the gallery owner asked for art work to be (preferably) explicit and in colour. guys all know about me and my "No Explicit Artwork" prudishness. And the only colour art I do anymore is on the computer...but for this show I really, really wanted the art on display to be an original and not a digital print out. So I went with black and white with an attempt to bring extra texture and juicy linework to my inks just to help the image stand out. Hopefully I succeeded.

I encourage anyone in the L.A. area to stop by the gallery and check out the art. I truly wish I could see it all myself but deadlines are more important than ego trips! On the 16th of June Glen Hanson is going to be holding some kind of "Naked Drawing Salon". If you want to go you must register in advance (check out the link to the gallery above). Frankly I wish I could be there for that, too. :)

If anyone does go to the gallery please write and tell us all about it.

One more I said before the Ape King looks like Damien Crosse to me. And the other little guy kinda ended up looking like Wolverine. In fact if I were to draw Wolvie I'd probably refer to this drawing here as my template.



Gusty said...

I just love your art J! It's truly amazing. I love your line, your use of blacks and the cartoony style. I love Frazetta too and this homage is just great. Keep up the great work!

j. said...

Gusty - Mucho thanks, man. Yeah, Frank has done a few "King appraising his slave" images and I love 'em all. This is actually my second swing at that type of scenario...come to think of it, it's my THIRD. I did it first in a girly comic called Solar Stella way back in '99

Great news...I've just heard that the piece sold. Thanks Mr. Spivey. And thanks to Glen and Rick for including me in their show.


Aman Chaudhary said...

Hey J!

Great job! I was at the show and posted a blog entry about it.

Congratulations. :o)


Paul Conrad said...

Very nice.
I'm guessing our hero won't be in those chains for long though!

Jacopo Camagni said...

Hi J!
I'm Dronio/Jacopo, do you have riceved the pics from Rick? if you go on my flickr account you can see some pics ^__^
Luv your works and i hope to meet you one day ^__-


j. said...

Aman - Thanks for the link to your blog. I think I also saw some of your Flickr pictures posted around the net.

Paul - I think there should definitely be a before of the capture, and one after of the ass kicking! :)

Jacopo - I love your art as well, Dronio. Gorgeous colours and linework. Thanks for the link to photos. What a crazy night that must have been...does Glen Hanson not own a shirt? ;)

best all,