Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jett Vector: Toronto Comic Arts Festival!

This weekend, August 18th and 19th, if you're in the Toronto area and love comic books you might want to check out the Toronto Comic Arts Festival! You can find all kinds of information here.
Finding me should be easy...I'm in the RAID room along with all of the Transmission X guys (a super collection of talented artists). I'll have a bunch of artwork on display and for sale. In fact check out the picture below for a glimpse into my little art sweatshop! There the canvases are printed, mounted on a frame and varnished for that professional shine! That's JETT VECTOR at the bottom of the image, waiting to be mounted.
I'm also doing a few panels on Saturday but all the rest of my time will be spent in the FUN room hanging out with my artist pals and meeting exciting new people! Please stop by and be one of those exciting new people!


manpop said...

nice to Jett in color. who's that lil' Horndog sidekick?

zpeedy said...

Yes, but how do us non-Torontonians get to purchase said nifty canvases?

Greg McElhatton said...

I think an individual chapter title of the eventual comic really does need to be "Jett Vector, waiting to be mounted". Hee hee hee...

j. said...

Manpop - Holy socks, I can't believe I neglected to introduce Jett's sidekick and co-pilot! The little yellow skinned horned fellow is KURBY! I'd always planned on giving Jett a co-pilot, and I sorta always knew what he looked like but his name didn't happen until just recently so I never mentioned him in previous Vector posts.

Zpeedy - I'd eventually like to make them available through the mail. But I've got to figure out a few things first (like postage, and Paypal).

Greg - I was watching the New Adventures of Duck Dodgers some time ago and Dodgers was being hunted by a Kraven the Hunter type. The dialogue went something like this:
Hunter "Dodgers, I'm gonna blast ya' and mount ya'!"
Dodgers "The least you could do is buy me dinner first."

I haven't laughed that much at a modern cartoon in a long time.

Jett is now mounted and glossed (I'll let your dirty minds give meaning to the term "glossed").


Johnny B Animation said...

Love the pics, wish I could go but Toronto is slightly more than a hop, skip and a jump from San Francisco

Paul Conrad said...

Woulda loved to have gone to TCAF...maybe next year. That new Jett Vector image is GREAT...holy cow. When and were is the new book coming out?


j. said...

Johnny B - Ooh, and I'd love to visit San Fran again. I was there a few years ago for a convention and just loved that city!

Paul - TCAF only happens every other year...which is a shame because it's such a terrific convention. No definite announcements on Jett yet except that it's the next big project I'm working on. After I get all my other work done, first...


Gusty said...


Is that some sort of Magic Printable Canvas paper? I want some.


chrishaley said...

I have to echo Gusty's comment and ask how you were able to print on canvas.

j. said...

Gusty and Chris - It's a pretty simple process. My images are printed on Iron-On transfer paper which you can get at any office supply store and is made for inkjet printers.

The canvases are the pre-stretched pre-gessoed type...I remove the canvas from the frame, Iron my transfer to the NON-GESSOED (important) side and then staple the canvas back onto the frame. The final step is to varnish with an acrylic glossy finish (3-5 coats).

See! Easy!

Maybe I'll do a more detailed step by step in a future post.


JustMe said...

That is such a good idea. It looks like it gives it an old fashioned, retro touch.