Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Play of light!

I had a drawing lying around and in a moment of unrest coloured it up in Photoshop. Usually I light my drawings really really can't get too complicated with flat colour :) And this is still simple lighting but I tried throwing the light from a lower angle. The background is more than a little lame but I hope you'll forgive me.

The drawing is referenced from a pose found in the Physique Pictorial collection. I love those books.



Fran├žois said...

I can't agree with you more.
The three-book collection is lovely. I was surprised to see the evolution of the editorial material, which became more and more militant as the years passed. And the men remained hot.

Andrew W said...

That is a fagulous Wolverine.

Andrew W said...

(I'm not saying it's meant to be Wolverine, by the way - just that it looks like 'im, apart from the wonderfully un-Wolverine pose.)

j. said...

Francois - Oh, I think some of the men near the end of the series got a little in icky :) But it certainly is a collection worth having.

Andrew - Ha, he could be Wolverine. Did you see the Wolverine/Black Cat mini series drawn by Joseph Michael Linsner? He drew a really hot Wolverine.


Fran├žois said...

Yeah, you're right.
By the end, it looked more like modern porn. Though as I said, the textes were more clearly gay-affirming.

Frater Gymnos said...

lovely work. i prefer the time spent on the figure, and the lighting is very nice.

Peter Lacy said...

You draw the most handsome under-bites. Love your monster boys. Frank is my future boyfriend.