Thursday, October 11, 2007


Here, finally, complete in glorious black and white is my own take on the old "Batman and Robin are gay" storyline. I originally presented the first page and coloured cover art on my blog back here. Well, I finally found photocopies of the original art and scanned it all in for you.
Once again I'd like to clarify that this is PARODY and rather silly parody at that. See my original post for my thoughts on the Batman/Robin cliche. I hope you enjoy this little tale of bondage and boyfriends.

P.S. Way back during TCAF I was interviewed by one of Mondo Magazine's editors, Owen. The interview is now online. You can check it out here, if you'd like. We actually spoke for quite a long time that day...mostly my fault. I'm a big digressor.


Fran├žois said...

That was sooo cute.
Fun art, too. Nice chest on both guys :)
And I think it's cool the queeny Joker gets a boyfriend, and isn't ridiculed for being queeny...contrary to what Miller did in DK.

j. said...

Francois - Thanks. It's always odd to look at older stuff...hopefully my drawing has come a long way since this little project.

And as much as he's simply a parody character created for this story I sort of have a fondness for the Fruitbat. I believe he deserves a revival.


Fran├žois said...

The details you give in the interview about Jett Vector sound like a lot of fun!
I really hope you'll soon have a comic to show us.

And yeah, your art has definitely improved :)

Anonymous said...

Great work J! I've always been a fan of your work since I discovered your blog sometime ago. Thanks for sharing your immense talent with the rest of us! I am sooo looking forward to your release of Jett Vector.
Beautiful, beautiful work.


ehirano said...

I just find your great blog and I really like your work, I´ll defenetely add you to my link list O_*


j. said...

Francois - Thanks again :)

Z-maker - And I can tell you I'm looking forward to really digging into Jett! I've got half of the book roughed out and can't wait to start the pencilling.

Ehirano - Thanks, man.


Unknown said...

Nice work! I like FruitBat, more please.

Tony Smith said...

I remember reading this when it was in LOVE IN TIGHTS. It was one of the funniest stories that short-lived antho ever published!

Tony Smith

musclsvg said...

Don't know whether it's too late to post a comment, but here goes!

How about another nemisis for Fruitbat? A fiend that stalks the night for well built studs be they superhero or not. His victims are taken back to his lair where they're drained until their nuts are dry. The jizz is then altered and re-injected into the subjects making them the villian's mindless, muscular minions. That is why he's known as "The Jewel Thief".

Soon he has a phalanx of phenominal physiques to carry out his "master-batory plan": the capture of Fruitbat and Swallow. Once in his clutches, the dynamic duo can also be drained and injected for their ultimate "cum-uppance". Then our heroes will be powerless as they are forced to obey as the center stones in the villian's collection of family jewels.