Monday, December 17, 2007


I bet you thought I'd completely forgotten about the Horoscope pin-ups, didn't you? Well, for a while there I think I did. But now my work is all caught up and I find myself with time to finally finish what started a whole year ago! I'm a little ashamed it's taken me so long to get all of these done.

While this isn't exactly a holiday image it is the sign for least until the 22nd. Aquarius is also inked and awaits colouring leaving me with Gemini as the last.

Putting together a sketchbook was mentioned in my comments and I'm really considering putting all of the Horoscopes into a book, along with the sketches that lead to each final. I welcome any thoughts you guys might have on what you'd like to see.

Happy Holidays, all.


Greg McElhatton said...

Sagittarius was soooo worth the wait. *wolf whistle*

François said...

I second that.

As for the sketchbook, I'd like to see everything!
Well, you know, within reason.
But I think it's a nice idea to show finished art alongside the sketches you made.

Jon-Mikel said...

Very nice. Very, very nice.

I think you oughtta put out a calendar - it seems like a natural fit for these images.

Aman Chaudhary said...

Yah! You did Sagittarius just in time. This makes me so happy. :)

j. said...

Greg - Ha ha, thanks. "wolf whistle" is so 50's, I love it.

Francois - Yeah, I would definitely have finished art in a collection. I was thinking of using the Horoscopes as a starting point so that my sketchbook had a theme. Gotta work it all out for the new year.

Jon-Mikel - A calendar, also a good idea. That was my original plan for the Horoscopes (one of guys, one of girls...the girls are on my other blog :) I haven't done any of the research into finding out how to go about putting out a calendar. Eep! It's so daunting, self publishing.

Aman - Thanks, man. I take it you're a Sagittarius :)


François said...

Actually, I meant that I find sketches at least as interesting as finished art. Sorry I wasn't clear about that.

Andy said...

I can't wait to see what a LIBRA looks like! I'd love to see/ get a copy of this book.

As for more ideas of books/ what I'd like to see: how about guy types? Like a book of "wolf whistle" types, another with twinks, etc. Or just do a whole book of Wolverine inspired guys. I'd buy every copy! ROFL! ;)

Also, maybe a book based on "fantasy" hero types from legends and myths. Like Robin Hood, Hercules, Paul Bunyon, etc.

RGB said...

I love this guy. I am a Sagittarius and I think you did a great job fleshing out my astrological sign! I even think he kind of looks like me! Well if you took away the body hair, muscles, square jawline, and perfectly coiffed hair...